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What Is Abstract Photography? (Plus Three Ideas for Getting Started)

by kyngsam

What’s abstract photography?

The precise definition could be difficult to pin down. It appears that evidently everybody has an opinion, however these opinions can differ wildly relying on who you discuss to. After all, there’ll all the time be regional and cultural variants, however let me try to let you know the place summary pictures got here from.

That method, you possibly can determine what summary pictures means to you.

What’s summary pictures?

Summary pictures is nobody specific style or method. It has various in type and method for the final century or so.

Nonetheless, all summary photographers do have one factor in frequent: They’re all the time trying to keep away from symbolic illustration.

What does that imply?

Nicely, it implies that summary photographers reject the concept that {a photograph} should all the time be of one thing recognizable. As a substitute, summary photographers give attention to color, shape, and texture.

It was within the 1930s that summary pictures actually grew to become acknowledged internationally. Early pioneers embrace Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Weston, and Dora Maar. For some photographers, the method of constructing pictures was simply as vital because the end result, which meant that new strategies and new methods of taking pictures have been found throughout this era.

A lot summary pictures in the present day includes uncommon framing and viewpoints with the intention to try to disassociate the thing being photographed from the resultant pictures. Summary photographers virtually try to trick our eyes and minds into not having the ability to simply perceive what they’re taking a look at. Such summary pictures usually use high contrast, sharp focus, and an emphasis on geometric construction.

Now that we’ve answered the query of what’s summary pictures, it’s time to try to put the idea into apply.

Listed below are three strategies you need to use to try to shoot your personal summary images:

Make it out of focus

One of many first issues all of us be taught in pictures is how to get things in focus. In reality, our cameras will do that mechanically for us if we would like them to!

Correct focus and good sharpness are two of essentially the most fascinating traits that almost all photographers search for in {a photograph}. So what occurs whenever you subvert that conventional method?

This shiny pink {photograph} (under) was created by utilizing extension tubes to get proper up near a flower. I then ensured that your complete picture was out of focus. The colours and patterns grow to be the main focus of the picture as an alternative of the flower itself:

You’ll be able to take this one step additional by turning your picture black and white to take away all the coloration info. This abstracts the topic much more, transferring the {photograph} additional away from the unique object and actuality:

Canon EOS 350D | Canon 55-200mm f/4.5-5.6 | Extension tubes | 1/1000 sec | ISO 200

For a photographer who’s making an attempt to discover what’s summary pictures, this method of making out of focus images could be a good way to start out. It forces you to suppose laborious in regards to the composition of your pictures as you play solely with mild, coloration, and form.

Make it transfer

There are a number of methods to “make it move” whenever you’re doing summary pictures. You’ll be able to transfer your topic, or you possibly can move your camera.

Shifting the digital camera could be so simple as panning the camera left to proper throughout lengthy exposures to seize the attractive tones of a golden seashore beneath blue skies. This can create easy strips of horizontal coloration throughout the {photograph}.

An thrilling option to shoot motion-based summary pictures is to attend sports activities occasions. The {photograph} under was shot at a basic automobile racing meet, the block colours of the boundaries and curb creating stripes of colourful curiosity within the image:

For creating summary pictures with panning, first set a long exposure. You would possibly want a really low ISO and a narrow aperture with the intention to get a shutter speed that’s lengthy sufficient if it’s a sunny day.

Then transfer your complete physique to observe the topic together with your digital camera. It’ll take a number of apply!

what is abstract photography jar
Fujifilm X-T20 | Fujifilm 35mm f/1.4 R | 35mm | 1/170 sec | f/5.6 | ISO 200| Layered pictures in Adobe Photoshop

As a substitute of transferring your digital camera, you may also attempt transferring your topic. The deceptively easy picture of a glass bottle (above) isn’t fairly because it appears. It was created from a dozen totally different photographs, layered on high of one another utilizing a Pep Ventosa technique. For every shot, the bottle was rotated barely to catch the imperfections within the glass and the slight motion.

Make it repetitive

Repetition is a method that can be utilized to nice impact in summary pictures. It makes the viewer give attention to the patterns and shapes somewhat than the topic.

abstract photography building repetition
Fujifilm X-T20 | Fujifilm 35mm f/1.Four R | 35mm | 1/340 sec | f/8.0 | ISO 200

Attempt discovering patterns in architecture after which isolating them, somewhat than photographing the entire constructing. This type of method of on the lookout for particulars in bigger scenes will help you actually perceive what summary pictures is all about.

If you wish to shoot some architectural abstracts, modernist buildings are a few of the greatest topics. Their clear, easy strains actually lend themselves to summary pictures.

To take away your image farther from actuality, you possibly can experiment with color toning the picture in Lightroom, and even flip it black and white.

Conclusion: What’s summary pictures?

There are lots of totally different solutions to the query, “What’s summary pictures?” And there are various other ways to create summary pictures.

What’s vital is to attempt to transfer away from straight reproductions of scenes and objects that look identical to actuality.

Attempt introducing motion, repetition, and even making your pictures out of focus. Creating summary images is a good way to attempt breaking the foundations and pushing the boundaries of what’s normally seen as the right option to do pictures!

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