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Water and Homeopathy: Latest Discoveries at Science’s Cutting Edge

by kyngsam

By Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH and Lionel Milgrom, Ph.D., RHom, MARH

If the frequent doctor, scientist and educated client had been to consider Wikipedia, they’d assume that there’s completely no analysis that exhibits the efficacy of homeopathic medicines within the remedy of any ailment. Moreover, they’d conclude homeopathic medicines are so small in dose, there’s actually “nothing” in a homeopathic drugs.

And, in case you are this gullible and weak to Massive Pharma propaganda, then we have got an island to promote you for $24! In response to The Washington Put up, Wikipedia’s article on homeopathy and Jesus Christ are the 2 most controversial on that web site in 4 main languages (English, French, German and Spanish).

Analysis Exhibits Efficacy of Homeopathic Medication

The actual fact of the matter is that analysis exhibiting the efficacy of homeopathic medicines has been revealed in a number of the world’s most revered medical journals. Here is a roll name of only a few of them:

The Lancet;1 BMJ2,3(British Medical Journal); Chest (the publication of the American Faculty of Chest Physicians);4 Pediatrics (publication of the American Academy of Pediatrics);5 Most cancers(journal of the American Most cancers Society);6 Journal of Scientific Oncology;7 Pediatrics Infectious Illness Journal (publication of the European Society of Pediatric Infectious Illnesses);8 European Journal of Pediatrics (publication of the Swiss Society of Pediatrics and the Belgium Society of Pediatrics).9

Would you be shocked to study that Wikipedia would not point out eight of the 9 references right here? Not solely have particular person research discovered efficacy in homeopathic medicines, however numerous systematic opinions or meta-analyses have likewise concluded the consequences of homeopathic medicines are completely different to these of a placebo. The latest assessment of homeopathic analysis revealed in Systematic Critiques10 confirmed a distinction between the consequences of homeopathic remedy and of placebo.

In reviewing the “highest high quality research,” the researchers discovered that sufferers given homeopathic remedy had been virtually twice as more likely to expertise a therapeutic profit as these given a placebo.

Additional, in reviewing a complete of 22 medical trials, sufferers given homeopathic treatments skilled larger than 50 p.c probability to have benefited from the remedy than these given a placebo. As soon as once more, Wikipedia would not even point out this new assessment of medical analysis in homeopathy.

This essential assessment of medical analysis additionally acknowledged that 4 of the 5 main earlier systematic opinions of homeopathic analysis discovered a profit from homeopathic remedy over that of placebo:

“5 systematic opinions have examined the RCT analysis literature on homeopathy as an entire, together with the broad spectrum of medical circumstances which were researched and by all types of homeopathy: 4 of those ‘world’ systematic opinions reached the conclusion that, with essential caveats, the homeopathic intervention most likely differs from placebo.”

And if that wasn’t sufficient, the biggest and most complete assessment of primary science analysis (basic physiochemical analysis, botanical research, animal research and in vitro research utilizing human cells) and medical analysis into homeopathy ever sponsored by a governmental company was undertaken not too long ago in Switzerland.11

This Swiss report affirmed that homeopathic high-potencies appear to induce regulatory results and particular adjustments to cells and dwelling organisms. It additionally reported that 20 of the 22 systematic opinions of medical analysis testing homeopathic medicines detected at the very least a pattern in favor of homeopathy. Would it not puzzle you that this essential assessment of homeopathic analysis shouldn’t be even talked about or referenced by Wikipedia?

Homeopathic Convention on the Royal Society of Medication

July 14, 2018, we attended a groundbreaking convention in London entitled “New Horizons in Water Science — ‘The Proof for Homeopathy?'” within the hallowed halls of the U.Ok.’s Royal Society of Medication.

Held on the behest of (Lord) Aaron Kenneth Ward-Atherton, who organized and chaired the occasion, Ward-Atherton not solely is a working towards homeopath and built-in medical doctor, but in addition has been a proper adviser on built-in drugs to a member of the U.Ok. authorities’s Division of Well being and Social Care, and had ongoing help from numerous friends within the British Home of Lords.

This convention will little doubt have despatched shockwaves world wide, as delegates from over 20 international locations listened in awe to 2 Nobel Laureates (Cambridge physicist Professor Emeritus Brian Josephson and AIDS virus discoverer, Dr. Luc Montagnier) and a number of other world-class scientists of equal tutorial stature from the U.S., U.Ok., Israel and Russia.

And what they had been saying was pure heresy to traditional drugs! Because it seems, analysis in water science appears to help the notion there’s a vital distinction between the organic and bodily actions of homeopathic medicines and plain bizarre water.

We should always level out that this particular convention didn’t attempt to assessment the physique of medical analysis (above) that verifies the efficacy of homeopathic medicines, nor did it search to explain all the essential science research that present that homeopathic medicines have organic or bodily results.

As a substitute, this convention selected to deal with extra basic questions: Does the method of treatment manufacturing in homeopathy (i.e., dilution and succession — vigorous shaking — of a medicinal substance in water/alcohol) affect the water’s long-range construction that’s completely different from easy pure water? And, second, are their sound and believable explanations for the way homeopathic medicines persist in water options regardless of a number of dilutions?

As a result of most physicians and scientists are utterly unfamiliar with the fascinating and wonderful qualities and skills of water, their assertions on what’s and is not doable with homeopathic medicines signify an embarrassingly uninformed viewpoint.

Such assertions are at finest unscientific; at worst, they merely signify sheer ignorance. The perfect scientists are humble of their assertions on account of the truth that they know their data is at all times restricted. The common doctor or scientist, nonetheless, could are inclined to conceitedness, notably on these topics which they really know nothing about.

Biomolecules Talk Over Distance

Brian Josephson Ph.D., of College of Cambridge, U.Ok., was the primary speaker. He echoed remarks he had made within the journal New Scientist, saying:

“Easy-minded evaluation may recommend that water, being a fluid, it can not have a construction of the sort that such an image would demand. However instances similar to that of liquid crystals, which whereas flowing like an bizarre fluid can preserve an ordered construction over macroscopic distances, present the restrictions of such methods of considering.

There haven’t, to one of the best of my data, been any refutations of homeopathy that stay legitimate after this explicit level is taken into consideration.”

Josephson powerfully critiqued typically accepted theories of how biomolecules react with their substrates. Conventionally, these are thought to “match” like a lock and a key, however solely when they’re in direct bodily contact. Not so, says Josephson.

Like his well-known predecessor, Jacques Benveniste (who Josephson hosted at Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory again in March 1999), he argues that they will “talk” over far lengthy earlier than they arrive collectively, and that such interactions are finest described by quantum idea and electromagnetic signaling.

Josephson additionally lambasted these scientists who demand that homeopathic medicines have to get “chemically analyzed.” He asserted that making use of chemical evaluation to homeopathic treatments will inform you no extra about their properties than making use of chemical evaluation to a CD will inform you what music is on it. Chemical evaluation is simply too restricted a software for both.

Additional, Josephson went on to point out some remarkably stunning images and movies that present highly effective proof of how hypersensitive water is to sound. Utilizing a powerful new know-how referred to as cymascopy (developed by acoustics engineer John Stuart Reid),12 Josephson was in a position to display the unbelievable affect sound has on water utilizing this know-how, producing beautiful dynamic wave patterns in water that observe adjustments in a sound’s pitch.13

This video exhibits dramatically how the dynamic construction of water adjustments as music is performed. And for this to happen, there needs to be an ordering of molecules inside the water to present it that dynamic construction, what is usually known as a “reminiscence.”

“Such is life,” Josephson concluded. “Order arises spontaneously. Creation of order (ordering) is part of nature. Order contains dysfunction (fluctuations), so order requires order to be current. With crystals, the order is static; with life it’s dynamic. There we have now ordering inside exercise. Up till now, our current understanding of all that is qualitative and restricted, however this have to be the following step for science.”

Lastly, Josephson wryly responded to the continual ignorance of homeopathy by its skeptics saying, “The concept water can have a reminiscence will be readily refuted by any one in every of a variety of simply understood, invalid arguments.”

Bodily Properties of Aqueous Techniques

Subsequent to talk was Vladimir Voeikov from the Lomonosov Moscow State College in Russia. A world skilled on the chemical and bodily properties of aqueous methods and their key function within the very important processes of dwelling methods, Voeikov additionally took purpose at critics who scoff at homeopathy’s plausibility.

He then launched into an outline of the in depth and extremely detailed work on the organic results of ultrahigh dilutions (or UHDs) that has been ongoing in Russia because the 1980s.

One of many unlucky unwanted effects of the perennial mistrust current between Russia and the West has been entry to analysis like this, primarily as a result of it has appeared solely in Russian (i.e., Cyrillic) journals. Consequently, Voeikov had quite a lot of floor to make up — which he did in no unsure phrases!

And, a lot to the viewers’s shock, it seems that Benveniste (who in 1988 was so pilloried by scientists, skeptics and the journal Nature, his popularity was trashed and he misplaced his laboratories and his funding) was certainly not the primary to recommend that options diluted and strongly agitated to the purpose the place there could not presumably be any molecules of the unique substance left might nonetheless exert organic results.

Delving again into the literature, it had been introduced round a century earlier than Benveniste. In 1955, a assessment had already been revealed into the motion of UHDs.

Drawing on his and his Russian colleagues’ work, Voeikov concluded that typical concepts of how water dissolves substances is definitely incorrect. Till now, when one thing dissolves in water, its particles had been regarded as randomly distributed all through the solvent. As the answer is frequently diluted, these particles merely cut back in quantity till at a sure dilution (referred to as the Avogadro restrict) they disappear utterly.

Consequently, if an answer is diluted past this restrict, as there are apparently no particles left, such UHDs can not presumably exert any results, not to mention on organic methods. Due to this fact, homeopathy (which typically makes use of dilutions of drugs manner past the Avogadro restrict) have to be full bunkum. A lot for typical considering.

What Voeikov and his colleagues have proven again and again is that the method of homeopathic dilution and agitation, even down previous the Avogadro restrict (in order that no particles are purported to nonetheless be current), does NOT do away with all of the dissolved substance.

As a substitute, microscopically tiny “clumps” of the dissolved substance — referred to as nanoassociates — stay behind and these are biologically energetic. What’s extra, numerous analytical methods can be utilized to trace these nanoassociates, and so they have an effect on water in lots of ways in which make it completely different from pure water, e.g., electrical conductivity and floor rigidity. So, an answer diluted and agitated past the Avogadro restrict is something however pure water.

Nanoassociates Violate Standard Legal guidelines of Conduct

If that wasn’t sufficient, Voeikov and his colleagues have proven that so-called bizarre options — the sort that we make up each day and that haven’t been sequentially diluted and agitated as homeopaths do — additionally comprise nanoassociates, violating what has for years been understood as “legal guidelines of habits” prescribed in commonplace textbooks on aqueous options.

So, not solely are all these skeptics and naysayers going to must get used to homeopathic dilutions and their results being actual, they should utterly reassess their understanding of what occurs when ANY substance is dissolved in water. These whose solemn responsibility it’s to rewrite textbooks are going to have a discipline day!

Barely in a position to catch our breath, we had been then handled to one of the crucial inspirational talks of the entire convention, delivered by Jerry Pollack, Ph.D., professor of bioengineering at Seattle’s College of Washington. Pollack might be finest identified for his 2014 e-book, “The Fourth Part of Water: Past Stable, Liquid, and Vapor,” during which he outlines in extremely readable phrases a few of his and his workforce’s wonderful discoveries about water.

Exclusion Zone Water Might Have Important Implications for Homeopathy

Mainly, these concern what occurs to water when it’s in touch with a floor, e.g., a membrane. And for any doubting Thomas on the market we should always level out that Pollack’s wonderful discoveries about water have been independently verified many occasions.

It seems that the water molecules closest to the membrane floor type an virtually crystalline alignment that has the impact of excluding any dissolved particles within the water. And these exclusion zones — or EZs, as they’re referred to as — have properties which are completely completely different from the majority water, and whose penalties can have profound results not solely on our understanding of water, however how we use it.

For instance, relying on the character of the membrane floor, cost separation happens between the EZ layer and the majority water part. Pollack confirmed us how this phenomenon could possibly be used, not solely to supply an extremely easy battery powered solely by radiant vitality, however the way it could possibly be the premise of a water desalination system. In the mean time, this final software would have to be scaled up earlier than it could possibly be of any sensible use, but when it might, there should certainly be a Nobel Prize within the offing.

As well as, taking into consideration that blood is principally water being pumped via tubes of organic membranes, Pollack instructed that the identical charge-separating mechanism that powered his radiant vitality battery may additionally help in pushing our blood via slim vessels far faraway from the pumping motion of the guts. In that case, such a discovery can have big ramifications for our understanding of physiology.

It seems that Pollack’s semi-crystalline EZs can not solely be separated, they can electromagnetically retailer data of their molecular construction. And, because the preparation of homeopathic treatments additionally entails water options in touch with surfaces, it’s fairly possible his new EZ discoveries can have a huge effect on our understanding of water reminiscence and homeopathy.

Actually, Pollack asserts that water has a HUGE capability to retailer data. Additional, he notes that homeopathic technique of succussion (vigorous shaking of water in glass) creates elevated avenues for EZ water that then creates elevated water storage.

Traditional Homeopathic Strategies Optimize Storage of Data in Water

The founding father of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), was each a doctor and the creator of a number one textbook for pharmacists of his day. His many experiments trying to scale back the dangerous unwanted effects of medicinal substances, led him to a technique of dilution and agitation which homeopaths use until today.

Intriguingly, what the brand new science introduced at this convention is telling us is that Hahnemann’s technique appears to optimize storage of medicinal data inside the very construction of water itself! Even after greater than 200 years, Hahnemann’s discovery of homeopathy and his contributions to drugs and pharmacology are nonetheless being uncovered.

Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier was launched to homeopathy and homeopathic analysis by Benveniste. In a exceptional interview revealed in Science journal of December 24, 2010,14 Montagnier expressed help for the customarily maligned and misunderstood medical specialty of homeopathic drugs.

“What I can say now could be that the excessive dilutions (utilized in homeopathy) are proper. Excessive dilutions of one thing aren’t nothing. They’re water constructions which mimic the unique molecules.”

Montagnier concluded the interview when requested if he’s involved that he’s drifting into pseudoscience. He replied adamantly: “No, as a result of it isn’t pseudoscience. It is not quackery. These are actual phenomena which deserve additional examine.”

‘Teleportation’ Results

Montagnier’s examine discovered that below the fitting circumstances electromagnetic indicators will be transmitted from take a look at tubes containing a extremely diluted DNA pattern to a distinct take a look at tube containing solely water, and that when enzymes which copy DNA molecules are then added to this water, they behave as if DNA molecules are current, producing new DNA molecules.15

This “teleportation” impact of the DNA, from one take a look at tube to a different was discovered to happen solely when the homeopathic process of sequential dilution, with vigorous shaking of the take a look at tube, was utilized. Additionally, Montagnier cowrote with a number of highly-respected scientists one other article that was revealed in a number one scientific journal.16 This text posits quantum results past easy chemistry.

Montagnier’s research discovered that extremely diluted DNA from pathogenic bacterial and viral species is ready to emit particular radio waves and that “these radio waves [are] related to ‘nanostructures’ within the resolution which may have the ability to recreate the pathogen.”

A author for New Scientist journal has asserted that, if its conclusions are true, “these can be probably the most vital experiments carried out previously 90 years, demanding reevaluation of the entire conceptual framework of contemporary chemistry.”17

Whereas Montagnier’s work exhibits the affect of electromagnetic fields having a organic impact, different researchers on the convention discovered that nanodoses of the unique homeopathic drugs persists in water options. Jayesh Bellare of the distinguished India Institute of Know-how described his seminal analysis that was revealed in Langmuir, a highly-respected journal revealed by the American Chemistry Society.18

Bellare and his colleagues discovered that six completely different homeopathic medicines, all created from minerals (gold, silver, copper, tin, zinc and platinum), that had been diluted 1-to-100, six occasions, 30 occasions and 200 occasions, had been every present in nanodoses from one in every of three various kinds of spectroscopy.

Bellare and his workforce defined that homeopathic medicines are often made in glass bottles, and the vigorous shaking of the water in these bottles releases nanosized fragments of silica from the glass partitions, and the substance being made into a drugs is actually pushed into these floating silica “chips.”

Then, when 99 p.c of the water is poured out, the silica chips cling to the glass partitions. The scientists discovered every of the six minerals persisting within the water regardless of what number of occasions they diluted the medication. When one considers that a lot of crucial hormones and cell-signaling brokers of the physique function at nanodose ranges, the nanodoses present in homeopathic medicines could clarify how these medicines work.

Nonetheless additional, the truth that nanodoses are way more in a position to cross the blood-brain-barrier in addition to most cell membranes gives extra perception into how and why homeopathic nanodoses can elicit vital and highly effective immune responses from the physique.

Afterword: Cease Press!

The day after Ullman’s interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola, a vital examine on homeopathy was revealed on the web site of one of many world’s main scientific journals, Nature.

Nature.com simply revealed a set of research that examined completely different homeopathic potencies of Rhus toxicodendron (often known as Rhus tox and Toxicodendron pubescens, generally referred to as poison ivy), together with 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X, 12X, 24X and 30X within the remedy of neuropathy in rats.19

Earlier analysis had discovered that Rhus toxicodendron has vital anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and immunomodulatory actions. This new analysis evaluated antinociceptive (pain-reducing) efficacy of Rhus tox within the neuropathic ache and delineated its underlying mechanism. Extra particularly, this analysis discovered that this homeopathic drugs confirmed vital antioxidative and anti inflammatory properties.

This examine discovered that homeopathic doses of Rhus tox 24X and 30X had dramatic results that equaled the outcomes from a identified typical drug, Gabapentin, and did so in a lot safer doses. Standard scientists have constantly asserted that these extraordinarily small doses of homeopathic medicines couldn’t have ANY results, however this examine, like an growing variety of different such research, has confirmed typical scientists are improper.

The above described examine did not examine the affect of water in its examine, nevertheless it did verify that homeopathic nanodoses can have highly effective organic and medical results.


This text is devoted to Dr. Peter Fisher, the now-late doctor to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. A graduate of College of Cambridge and a fellow of the Royal Faculty of Physicians and the College of Homeopathy, he was a broadly revealed skilled in rheumatology and types of complementary and different drugs.

Fisher chaired the World Well being Group’s working group on homeopathy and was a member of WHO’s Professional Advisory Panel on Conventional and Complementary Medication. He served as medical director for 18 years and director of analysis on the Royal London Hospital for Built-in Medication (previously the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital) for 22 years.

He was additionally president of the College of Homeopathy and editor-in-chief of the journal Homeopathy (the main analysis journal within the discipline). Fisher was awarded the Polish Academy of Medication’s Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal in 2007. Fisher additionally served as moderator for the second half of the homeopathic analysis convention mentioned on this article.

Apart from all of his tutorial achievements, Fisher had a depraved, dry, even very dry, British humorousness. He was identified to supply scathing critiques of the numerous uninformed and ill-informed skeptics of homeopathy whose criticisms of homeopathy merely proved their sheer ignorance of the topic. Sadly, August 15, 2018, Fisher was driving his bicycle in London on “drive your bike to work day,” and was hit by a truck and killed.

Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH, is a licensed homeopath who has written 10 books on homeopathy and 4 chapters in medical textbooks, and who has revealed 40 books on homeopathy by his colleagues (co-published with North Atlantic Books). He directs Homeopathic Instructional Companies, a number one homeopathic useful resource middle to assist folks entry homeopathic books, medicines, software program and e-courses (www.homeopathic.com).

He has additionally created a particular e-course on “Studying to Use a Homeopathic Medication Package” (particulars at https://homeopathicfamilymedicine.com/). He additionally maintains a homeopathic apply the place he “sees” most of his sufferers by way of Skype, numerous video apps, or the easy phone.

Lionel R Milgrom, Ph.D. FRSC FRSA MARH RHom is a registered homeopath who has been a analysis chemist for 40 years (cofounder of a college anticancer biotech spin-out firm) with many publications and a textual content e-book to his credit score. He has been a working towards homeopath for 20 years.

His important analysis curiosity lately is within the understanding of homeopathy inside each scientific and philosophical contexts, and has revealed extensively in these areas. He has additionally revealed the primary quantity of an e-book trilogy, “Homeopathy and Science: A Information for the Perplexed.”

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