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Vaccine Makers Destroy COVID Vaccine Safety Studies

by kyngsam

Whereas reviews of negative effects from COVID-19 gene therapies, together with life-threatening results and deaths, proceed to climb at breakneck pace,1 a one-sided narrative of security and effectiveness permeates mainstream media and medical information.

These “vaccines” are so protected and so efficient, in accordance with this narrative, that preserving management teams intact for long-term examine and comparability of outcomes is now being derided as “unethical,” even if there may be completely no non-fraudulent information to assist their perverse assertions. Really, what we’re watching is the lively destruction of primary medical science in a surreal dystopian nightmare. 

Vaccine Makers to Ditch Management Teams

Contemplate this report in JAMA by Rita Rubin, senior author for JAMA medical information and views, for instance.2 In line with Rubin, the launch of “two extremely efficacious” COVID-19 vaccines has “spurred debate in regards to the ethics, not to mention the feasibility, of continuous or launching blinded, placebo-controlled trials …”

Rubin recounts how Moderna representatives informed a Meals and Drug Administration advisory panel that moderately than letting 1000’s of vaccine doses to go to waste, they deliberate to supply them to trial individuals who had obtained placebo.

Pfizer representatives made an analogous announcement to the advisory panel. In line with a information evaluation revealed in The BMJ,3 the FDA and U.S. Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention are each onboard with this plan, as is the World Well being Group.4

Within the JAMA report by Rubin, Moncref Slaoui, Ph.D., chief scientific adviser for Operation Warp Pace, is quoted saying he thinks “it is crucial that we unblind the trial without delay and supply the placebo group vaccines” as a result of trial individuals “needs to be rewarded” for his or her participation.

All of those statements violate the very fundamentals of what a security trial wants, which is a management group in opposition to which you’ll be able to examine the results of the drug or vaccine in query over the long run. I discover it inconceivable that unblinding is even a consideration at this level, seeing how the core research haven’t even concluded but. The one objective of this unblinding is to hide the fraud that these vaccines are protected.

Not one of the COVID-19 vaccines presently in the marketplace are really licensed. They solely have emergency use authorization — which, by the way, additionally forbids them from being mandated, though that is being extensively and conveniently ignored — as trials are nonetheless ongoing.

On the earliest, they might be licensed two years from now, on the completion of the follow-up research.5 That is why these within the navy are allowed to refuse it, and refuse they’ve. Amongst Marines, the refusal fee is almost 40%.6

So, earlier than the preliminary research are even accomplished, vaccine makers and regulatory businesses are actually deciding to forgo long-term security evaluations altogether by giving placebo recipients the actual McCoy, and so-called bioethicists are literally supporting this insanity. As reported in The BMJ:7

“Though the FDA has granted the vaccines emergency use authorization, to get full license approval two years of follow-up information are wanted. The information are actually more likely to be scanty and fewer dependable on condition that the trials are successfully being unblinded.”

Hypocrisy Abounds

It is ironic within the excessive, as a result of vaccine mandates are being justified on the premise that the profit to the group supersedes the danger of particular person hurt. In different phrases, it is OK if some individuals are harmed by the vaccine as a result of the general profit to society is extra essential.

But right here they’re saying that individuals within the management teams are being harmed by not getting the vaccine, so due to this fact vaccine makers have an obligation to offer it to them earlier than the long-term research are accomplished. That is the exact opposite argument used for obligatory vaccination.

If we’re to simply accept the “larger good” justification for vaccination, then individuals who comply with take part in a examine, and find yourself getting a placebo, must roll the cube and probably sacrifice their well being “for the larger good.” Right here, the larger good is the examine itself, the outcomes of that are of essential significance for public well being choices.

With out this information, we’ll by no means know whether or not the vaccines work in the long run and/or what their negative effects are. If an particular person within the management group will get COVID-19, then that is the value of scientific participation for the larger good of society, simply as when a vaccinated individual will get harmed, that is thought of an appropriate worth for creating vaccine-induced herd immunity.

Put one other means, in relation to mandating vaccines, hurt to the person is appropriate, however in relation to doing correct security research, impulsively, hurt to the person just isn’t acceptable, and defending the controls is extra essential than defending the integrity of the analysis. The truth that they’re this inconsistent of their “ethics” may very well be seen as proof optimistic that public well being is not even a distant concern.

Scientific Ethics Are Eroding

Apparently, concern about danger to the person solely issues when vaccine makers have the whole lot to achieve. By eliminating management teams, we’ll don’t have any means of actually proving the hurt that these “vaccines” would possibly impart over time, as all individuals will likely be in the identical proverbial boat.

I stay assured that we’ll proceed to see many extra well being issues and deaths develop in time, however with out management teams, these traits can extra simply be written off as “regular” and/or blamed on one thing else. As famous by Dr. Steven Goodman, affiliate dean of scientific and translational analysis at Stanford College, who’s quoted in Rubin’s JAMA article:8

“By unblinding trial individuals, ‘you lose a legitimate comparability group,’ Goodman mentioned. ‘There will likely be this sense, and will probably be kind of true, that the examine is over.’ In contrast to, say, a extremely efficient most cancers drug, ‘the vaccine just isn’t actually a life-and-death concern as we speak and tomorrow’ for many trial individuals, Goodman mentioned.

So, he famous, these operating COVID-19 vaccine trials should not really feel obligated to unblind individuals and vaccinate placebo recipients instantly. Doing so implies ‘you can simply blow up the trial’ on the idea of promising preliminary outcomes, establishing ‘an moral mannequin for future trials that we perhaps do not need to set,’ Goodman mentioned.”

Certainly, this technique will set a harmful precedent that will most likely result in vaccine and drug research being performed with out management teams sooner or later, which may spell the tip of medical science as we all know it. At naked minimal, future variations of the present COVID-19 vaccine trials are more likely to be performed with out management teams.

Trial Individuals Informed To not Unblind Themselves

Goodman can be quoted in one other article,9 this one in MedPage At the moment, discussing the issues with trial individuals unblinding themselves by taking an antibody check:

“‘There isn’t a good scientific motive for somebody to do that,’ he informed MedPage At the moment. ‘I can perceive why they need that info, however it could actually solely serve to decrease the worth of the trial. Getting examined just isn’t proper until there’s a urgent want for unblinding for well being causes.'”

Right here, yet one more hypocritical irony arises, as the rationale they do not need trial individuals to unblind themselves is as a result of in the event that they know they received the vaccine, they’re statistically extra more likely to take extra dangers which may expose them to the virus.

This, then, will skew the outcomes and “may make the vaccine look much less efficient than it’s,” Dr. Elizabeth McNally of Northwestern College defined to MedPage At the moment.10 So, whether or not vaccine scientists agree with unblinding or not, unblinding actually solely has to do with whether or not it’s going to skew leads to their favor.

Trial individuals unblinding themselves would possibly make the vaccine seem much less efficient in the event that they alter their conduct as a consequence, whereas vaccine makers unblinding your complete management group will enable them to cover negative effects, even when individuals alter their conduct.

Justification for Elimination of Controls Is Flimsy at Greatest

Whereas pro-vaccine advocates insist the elimination of management teams is justified on the “ethical grounds” that it is unethical to not present volunteers with one thing of worth, this argument utterly ignores the indisputable fact that no vaccine is 100% protected.

Getting the lively vaccine comes with danger, not merely profit. That is notably true for the novel mRNA expertise utilized in COVID-19 vaccines. Historic information are troubling to say the least, and the U.S. Vaccine Adversarial Occasion Reporting System (VAERS) is quickly filling up with COVID-19 vaccine-related harm reviews and deaths.

Reviews of Facet Results and Deaths Are Piling Up

As reported by The Defender,11 as of April 1, 2021, VAERS had obtained 56,869 opposed occasions following COVID-19 vaccination, together with 7,971 severe accidents and a couple of,342 deaths. Of these deaths, 28% occurred inside 48 hours of vaccination! The youngest individual to die was 18 years outdated. There have been additionally 110 reviews of miscarriage or untimely start amongst pregnant girls.

As reported in “COVID-19 Vaccine To Be Tested on 6-Year-Olds,” between January 2020 and January 2021, COVID-19 vaccines accounted for 70% of the annual vaccine deaths, regardless that these vaccines had solely been obtainable for lower than two months!

For my part, it is unconscionable and morally reprehensible to not take these information under consideration. Clearly, these “vaccines” have dangers. Pretending like they do not, and that each one placebo recipients in vaccine trials are at a definite drawback merely is not true.

Understand that we nonetheless have no idea the share of opposed results being reported. Is it between 1%12 and 10%13 as previous inquiries into VAERS reporting have proven, or is it increased?

If solely 10% are reported, we could also be taking a look at 23,420 deaths, however whether it is as little as 1%, it jumps to greater than 230,000 deaths. We are going to by no means know as a result of there are main makes an attempt to suppress this info, as we have now already witnessed with the deaths of sport celebrities Hank Aaron and Marvin Hagler, each of whom died shortly after COVID vaccinations.

Regardless, it is exhausting to justify even a single loss of life of an in any other case wholesome particular person, seeing how the survival fee for COVID-19 throughout all age teams is 99.74%. If you are youthful than 40, your survival fee is 99.99%.14

There’s each motive to suspect that these reviews account for only a small share of precise negative effects. Simply consider all those that get the vaccine at grocery shops or momentary vaccination websites, for instance. To begin with, are all People even conscious that VAERS exists and that they should file a report in the event that they undergo an opposed response post-COVID vaccination?

Who’s going to file the opposed report in case you get vaccinated in a grocery or comfort retailer? Will they return to the pharmacist and report their negative effects? Will the pharmacist file the report? Who’s accountable for submitting the report in case you go to a brief vaccination website?

CDC Stays Mum on How It is Guaranteeing Reporting Compliance

In line with the CDC, deaths from COVID-19 vaccines are required to be reported to VAERS.15 It is not speculated to be voluntary, as with different vaccines. Nonetheless, it just isn’t being clear about how it’s making certain this “requirement” is being adopted, so it is not possible to verify that each one associated deaths are in truth being reported. As reported by The Defender:16

“We … inquired about whether or not healthcare suppliers are reporting all accidents and deaths that is likely to be linked to the COVID vaccine, and what schooling initiatives are in place to encourage and facilitate correct and correct reporting.

Twenty-two days later a consultant from the CDC’s Vaccine Job Pressure responded by saying the company had by no means obtained our questions — regardless that the workers we talked to a number of instances mentioned their press officers have been working by means of the questions we despatched. We offered the questions once more and requested a response by April 7. To date, the CDC has not responded regardless of our repeated follow-up makes an attempt.”

Absolute Versus Relative Threat Discount

Vaccine makers are additionally very cautious about solely referencing relative danger, not absolute danger. By doing so, the vaccines seem way more protecting than they really are. It is a generally used statistical trick that I encourage you to familiarize your self with.

For instance, in his November 26, 2020, BMJ article,17 Peter Doshi, affiliate editor of The BMJ, identified that whereas Pfizer claims its vaccine is 95% efficient, that is the relative danger discount. Absolutely the danger discount — which is way extra related for public well being measures — is definitely lower than 1%!

I like to recommend listening to the interview with Dr. Ron Brown above, by which he explains the ins and outs of relative and absolute dangers, and the variations between them. He is additionally written two papers detailing the issues with this sort of reporting bias: “Final result Reporting Bias in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Medical Trials”18 and “Public Well being Classes Realized From Biases in Coronavirus Mortality Overestimation.”19

You Doubtless Do not Want a Vaccine

When you’re involved about vaccine negative effects, please perceive there are a number of prevention methods and coverings available that have been proven to be extremely efficient, which implies the necessity for a vaccine in the primary place is almost moot.

For instance, nebulized hydrogen peroxide with iodine, which I’ve written about in earlier articles, works very effectively. For a refresher, see “How Nebulized Peroxide Helps Against Respiratory Infections.” Different therapies embody hydroxychloroquine with zinc, ivermectin and the iMASK and MATH+ protocols, which you’ll be able to study extra about within the linked articles.

What to Do if You Received the Vaccine and Are Having Issues

In closing, in case you received the vaccine and now remorse it, you could possibly handle your signs utilizing the identical methods you’d use to deal with precise SARS-CoV-2 an infection.

I’ve written many articles over the previous 12 months detailing easy methods to enhance your immune system, and with a wholesome immune system, you may get by means of COVID-19 with out incident. Beneath, I am going to summarize a few of the methods you need to use each to stop COVID-19 and handle any negative effects it’s possible you’ll encounter from the vaccine.

Eat a “clear,” ideally natural weight-reduction plan. Keep away from processed meals of every kind, particularly vegetable oils, as they’re loaded with damaging omega-6 linoleic acid that wrecks your mitochondrial perform. Linoleic acid has been shown to increase mortality from COVID-19.

Contemplate dietary ketosis and a time-restricted consuming window of six to eight hours with no meals not less than three hours earlier than mattress. These methods will show you how to optimize your metabolic equipment and mitochondrial perform.

Implement a cleansing program to get rid of heavy metals and glyphosate. That is essential as these toxins contribute to irritation. To enhance cleansing, I like to recommend activating your pure glutathione manufacturing with molecular hydrogen tablets.

A easy means to dam glyphosate uptake is to take glycine. Roughly Three grams, about half a teaspoon, just a few instances a day needs to be adequate, together with an natural weight-reduction plan, so that you simply’re not including extra glyphosate with every meal.

Keep a impartial pH to enhance the resiliency of your immune system. You need your pH to be proper round 7, which you’ll be able to measure with a cheap urine strip. The decrease your pH, the extra acidic you’re. A easy option to elevate your pH if it is too acidic (and most individuals are) is to take one-fourth teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or potassium bicarbonate in water just a few instances a day.

Dietary supplementation will also be useful. Among the many most essential are:

Vitamin D — Vitamin D dietary supplements are available and one of many least costly dietary supplements in the marketplace. All issues thought of, vitamin D optimization is probably going the simplest and most helpful technique that anybody can do to reduce their danger of COVID-19 and different infections, and may strengthen your immune system in a matter of some weeks.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) — NAC is a precursor to lowered glutathione, which seems to play a essential function in COVID-19. In line with one literature evaluation,20 glutathione deficiency might really be related to COVID-19 severity, main the creator to conclude that NAC could also be helpful each for its prevention and therapy.

Zinc — Zinc performs a vital function in your immune system’s capacity to beat back viral infections. Like vitamin D, zinc helps regulate your immune perform21 — and a mixture of zinc with a zinc ionophore, like hydroxychloroquine or quercetin, was in 2010 proven to inhibit SARS coronavirus in vitro. In cell tradition, it additionally blocked viral replication inside minutes.22 Importantly, zinc deficiency has been proven to impair immune perform.23

Melatonin — This boosts immune perform in quite a lot of methods and helps quell irritation. Melatonin may additionally stop SARS-CoV-2 an infection by recharging glutathione24 and enhancing vitamin D synthesis, amongst different issues.

Vitamin C — Quite a few research have proven vitamin C might be very useful within the therapy of viral sicknesses, sepsis and ARDS,25 all of that are relevant to COVID-19. Its primary properties embody anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antioxidant, antithrombotic and antiviral actions. At excessive doses, it really acts as an antiviral drug, actively inactivating viruses. Vitamin C additionally works synergistically with quercetin.26

Quercetin — A robust immune booster and broad-spectrum antiviral, quercetin was initially discovered to supply broad-spectrum safety in opposition to SARS coronavirus within the aftermath of the 2003 SARS epidemic,27,28,29 and proof suggests it could be helpful for the prevention and therapy of SARS-CoV-2 as effectively.

B vitamins — B nutritional vitamins may also affect a number of COVID-19-specific illness processes, together with30 viral replication and invasion, cytokine storm induction, adaptive immunity and hypercoagulability.

Sort 1 interferon — Sort 1 interferon prevents viral replication and helps degrade the RNA. It is obtainable in spray type that you may spray instantly into your throat or nostril. You’ll be able to attempt taking a few sprays per day prophylactically, and extra when you’ve got a cough, fever or headache.

Report All COVID-19 Vaccine Facet Results

Final however not least, in case you or somebody you like have obtained a COVID-19 vaccine and are experiencing facet results, report it. The Kids’s Well being Protection is asking on all who’ve suffered a facet impact from a COVID-19 vaccine to do three issues:31

  1. When you reside within the U.S., file a report on VAERS
  2. Report the harm on VaxxTracker.com, which is a nongovernmental opposed occasion tracker (you may file anonymously if you want)
  3. Report the injury on the CHD website

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