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Plant Care 101: Philodendron Florida Ghost

by kyngsam

Philodendron Florida Ghost Plant Care Suggestions

The Philodendron Florida Ghost plant has shiny white leaves and turns to yellow-green coloration to darker inexperienced when it reaches its full maturity. It’s acknowledged as a hybrid between Philodendron Squamiferum and Philodendron pedatum. It’s thought-about a climber plant that wants robust help to achieve its full potential development. The stems of Florida Ghost are for much longer than different philodendron hybrids, and every leaf of the plant has a number of lobes.

Philodendron Florida Ghost photograph by way of AroidMarket.com

Like Monstera Deliciosa, this plant belongs to the household Araceae and a well-liked species of philodendron that has an air-purifying characteristic. Philodendron means tree hugger in Greek as a result of these vegetation develop shut by the timber and their branches. The common top of the plant ranges from 2 to four ft and spreads by 2 ft. The leaves of Florida Ghost are multi-lobe and have 5 lobes, and the size of a mature leaf ranges from 5 to 12cm. These vegetation even have Philo Flowers, whereby the small flowers are positioned underneath a big leaf that’s ceaselessly confused as the primary flower.

Soil Combine

A well-draining and excessive in natural matter is appropriate soil for Florida Ghost Plant. Orchid Bark, Coco Coir or Peat Moss, Coco cubes, and charcoal are the parts of an natural combine. Sphagnum peat moss can also be appropriate for this plant due to its coarseness and aeration options. The soil pH ought to be round 5-Eight that’s barely acidic to barely alkaline, and sphagnum peat moss is suited since it’s extra impartial.


Direct daylight will not be advisable for these vegetation since it will possibly burn their leaves or wither up, but when that you must put it underneath direct daylight, use a sheer material and put it behind. Fairly, brilliant oblique daylight is far suited, and if daylight will not be plentiful in your home, you should use synthetic rising lights, and it’ll develop completely nice. Should you use develop lights, make sure that to place your vegetation 5 inches away from them.


To maintain your Philodendron Florida Ghost plant hydrated, make sure that to water it as soon as per week, or you possibly can water it often if acceptable. If the soil went dry for too lengthy, it may kill your plant, and overwatering can kill it too. A moisture meter could be correct when watering your plant, or you should use your finger to verify the moisture stage and be sure that the soil is dry inside three cm above.


These vegetation develop properly at common room temperature and hotter temperatures starting from 16 to 25 levels Celsius. Rising these vegetation in colder areas and months will not be appropriate, however should you select to take action, make sure that to offer them the suitable to keep away from freezing the plant.

Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint
Philodendron Florida Ghost Mint


For a more healthy Philodendron Florida Ghost plant, excessive humidity is a should, and should you stay in a dry space and plan to have these vegetation, misting is required each from time to time. You need to use indoor humidifiers or make a pebble tray on your plant to create humidity.


The very best fertilizer for this plant ought to comprise a large amount of nitrogen to ensure a more healthy plant and attain its full potential development. Fertilizing your plant is really useful to be carried out as soon as a month throughout summer season and spring. By winter and fall, you possibly can fertilize your plant each 6 to eight weeks.


The strategies to propagate these vegetation are by way of stem reducing, and it’s best carried out after they develop into dormant by the spring season. Minimize the specified size however make sure that every reducing has a node. Air layering is very really useful if you wish to have a excessive success price in your propagation. You now not have to do water, leca, perlite, or sphagnum moss propagation; simply plant it immediately in your most well-liked medium.

After reducing, place it in water, perlite, sphagnum moss, or inside a propagation field. Should you stay in a tropical nation, you possibly can propagate this plant all yr spherical.


These vegetation can unfold in size for as much as 2 ft and attain as much as 2 to 5 ft in top. When a leaf reaches its full maturity, it will possibly develop from 12 to 16 inches in size. It’s uncommon for these vegetation to provide flowers, however they’ll develop as much as 12 inches as soon as the flowers bloom.


Since this plant grows slowly (a mean of 1 leaf per thirty days per stem), there isn’t a have to re-pot it for two to three years. The very best time to re-pot is if you see that the roots are popping out of the drainage holes, and it’s important to re-pot them the soonest to keep away from the roots from getting cramp. The rule of thumb is to get one measurement larger pot for repotting.

Florida Ghost VS Florida Ghost Mint

In most garden centers, you’ll in all probability see vegetation offered as Florida Ghost Mint; these are the identical Philodendron Florida Ghost vegetation however with much less yellow than the pale lime leaves. The colour of the leaves is determined by a number of components, and one of many components is the rising situations, mild publicity, fertilizers, and extra. Primarily, Florida Ghost and Florida Ghost Mint are literally the identical vegetation.


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