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Is This the Weirdest 35mm Camera That Canon Has Ever Made?

by kyngsam

For an enormous Japanese company that’s considered extremely conservative, it’s straightforward to neglect that Canon hasn’t been afraid to check out some radical designs over time. This one is up there with the very best of them: a point-and-shoot that appears like a video digital camera and that includes a flash the place you’d by no means anticipate it.

Launched in 1990, this weird system went below a few totally different names: the Epoca in Europe, the Photura within the U.S., and moderately splendidly, the Autoboy Jet over in Japan. Sitting someplace between a point-and-shoot and a bridge digital camera, it has a 35-105mm zoom lens and the built-in flash — positioned the place no different flash has been positioned earlier than and doubtless since — is claimed to be fairly highly effective.

As George Muncey of NegativeFeedback explains on this quick video, the ensuing photos are spectacular and it appears that evidently Canon didn’t reduce too many corners when designing this experimental digital camera. The lens provides a surprisingly vast f/2.eight when taking pictures at 35mm, closing all the way down to f/6.6 when zoomed in.

Canon wasn’t being totally unique with this design because the likes of the Chinon Genesis, Yashica Samurai, and Ricoh Mirai all preceded the Photura, although the Photura was the primary (and solely?) digital camera to resolve on this placement of the flash, and not one of the others appear to return shut by way of the lens.

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