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Improve Your Personal Development

by kyngsam

Personal development

When the individual feels calm with himself, it is very likely that he is also calm with his personal and work environment. The worker must enjoy health and emotional balance, in order to perform more successfully and productively. By feeling encouraged, your effort will be “justified.”

There are people who, in their work environment, constantly count the minutes that are missing to finish their day. They feel bored, unmotivated and unwilling to work, however, how can this attitude be improved? Personal growth or development drives the creativity, leadership and organization of individuals. Companies must impart the tools and techniques necessary to enhance the training and responsibility of their workers.

What is personal development?

According to Brito Challa, specialist in human relations, personal development is “an experience of individual and group interaction, through which the subjects who participate in it develop and optimize abilities and skills for open and direct communication, interpersonal relationships and decision making ”. This allows the individual to know more, not only about himself, but also about his group companions in order to grow and be more human.

The idea of   doing this activity is to make the person a more complete and complete being. By achieving this emotional stability, the individual will then be able to enjoy greater personal and work well-being; You will be able to improve your potential, excellence, responsibility, self-esteem and creativity in your work environment.

In this sense, many of the large companies are currently carrying out the “psychological consulting”, which develops the individual and relational well-being of the worker. This activity contributes to the person discovering and developing their potentials and skills, valuing themselves, recognizing their abilities and connecting with their inner “I”.

Personal improvement

This experience contributes and drives the growth of the person, in different aspects of his life. Here are a few:

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