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Hellpoint: A Peak at Irid Novo’s Deepest Secrets

by kyngsam

The Irid Novo area colony and analysis heart has turn into considerably of a legend in the remainder of the galaxy. Resulting from its proximity to black gap Sagittarius Prime, no person can know what actually occurs on board. Has the experiment been successful? Is the colony thriving? Or did one thing go unsuitable? Tens of millions of prayers keep it up via deep area to succeed in the courageous pioneers who devoted their lives to seek out new solutions about life, vitality and their origin. Here’s a uncommon peak at a few of the many secrets and techniques, methods and intricacies that Irid Novo hides from anybody however the few. Learn rigorously, and also you may simply have an opportunity at surviving a few of the numerous risks of Hellpoint.

The very first thing you’ll understand as you emerge out of your primordial soup is that you’re by yourself. No map, no compass, no mild. You’ll have to make your method by your self, keep in mind landmarks and discover shortcuts to new grounds, and fight no matter monstrosities lurk within the shadows. You’ll get misplaced, lots, however embrace it, as any piece of proof you’ll discover and each achievement you accomplish (named “Information” within the sport) will carry you nearer to the tip, no matter path you select to take. Hellpoint is in-built an odd method that creates no bottleneck in any respect, the entire world is open so that you can discover and there’s all the time a brand new place to find and a brand new secret to seek out.


There’s worth in veering off the crushed path. Search for conspicuous partitions that cover fully new ranges. In any other case, you may solely experiment half of the sport. You’ll be able to bounce to climb on platforms that may carry you to unseen areas, so lookup and down at attainable secret paths. Hellpoint’s handcrafted degree design gives tons of treacherous dungeons, metropolis streets, suspended skyscrapers, alien temples, radioactive caverns and far, far more. That’s, for many who dare to take the journey.


You may discover the weird clock factor situated on the prime left nook of the sport HUD. This represents the placement of the area station across the black gap orbit. In the course of the “day”, every degree of the station will obtain the beam of the black gap as soon as, and move via the accretion ring that surrounds the black gap twice. This unlocks a wide range of occasions on board the station, like mini-bosses appearances, enemy horde assaults and naturally, secret passages. The Arcology degree is a humongous metropolis with skyscrapers encrusted with large focus rings, designed to react to the black gap place within the sky. However to be able to make them operational, you could discover the proper codes to calibrate them. As soon as two rings are aligned correctly, a uber secret space will open on the proper time in a unique space of the world. Can you discover all of them?


Hellpoint gives a versatile weapon customization system that rewards each dedication and experimentation. Each weapon within the sport has an XP bar that will increase the extra you dish injury with them, to point out that your character is turning into extra conversant in their specific struggle type. This ultimately unlocks passive and energetic talents, like backstabs, deadly dodge or weapon throw. Every thing on Irid Novo is sort of previous and decrepit, however utilizing a weapon crafting station you’ll be capable to restore some weapons to their former glory, or additional corrupt them into really demonic variations, as a way to entry a unique set of talents. To additional improve your weapon, you possibly can implant a “conductor” on it that may tremendously increase their effectivity primarily based on the stats of your character. This lets you add elemental damages to your weapon like Entropy or Radioactivity. Should you discover a new weapon that tickles your fancy, and you’ll, merely take the conductor off your earlier weapon and implant it into the brand new one. That method you possibly can attempt as many weapons as you want throughout one playthrough and stay lethal on the battlefield.

We hope to see you in nice numbers exploring the depth of Irid Novo, both by your self or with a break up display good friend, or on-line the world over. Beware the singularity!

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Hellpoint is a darkish and difficult motion RPG set in a closely atmospheric sci-fi universe the place the road between science and occultism is blurred.

As soon as a pinnacle of human achievement, the Irid Novo area station has fallen. Its ruins are actually overrun by merciless interdimensional entities appearing as puppets of the malevolent Cosmic Gods. You might have been created by the Writer, organically printed on Irid Novo and despatched on a mission to seek out out the unholy sequence of occasions that led to the catastrophic incident referred to as the Merge.

– Irid Novo is an enormous interconnected world filled with mysteries, hidden passages and secrets and techniques inside secrets and techniques – all so that you can discover in any order you want. Extra dread and shivers awaits you as you journey deeper into the darkest nook of this forsaken colony.
– Dozens of melee and ranged weapons and armor items to fit your playstyle. Each weapon has distinctive particular talents that unlock the extra you struggle with them.
– An enchanting new sci fi universe paying homage to traditional sci-fi motion pictures, set within the aftermath of an enormous quantum cataclysm and full with a deep lore and goosebump inducing soundtrack.
– The area station orbits in actual time round an ominous black gap that triggers varied dynamic occasions similar to boss appearances, horde assaults in addition to modified enemy stats and positions.
– If you’re struggling, ask a good friend to press Begin to take part a sofa coop session, or name for help on-line. All the sport will be accomplished uninterrupted in coop. The loot is shared, and the expertise of native participant two is saved and never watered down.

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