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Great Dane – Dogster

by kyngsam

Fast Details

  • Weight: 110 – 175 kilos (49.90 – 79.38 kg)
  • Top: 31 – 36 inches (78.74 – 91.44 cm)

The Look of a Nice Dane

Nice Danes have tall, highly effective but elegant frames. They’ve lengthy, slim heads with massive nostrils and erect ears. Their eyes are darkish, spherical and have an alert gaze. They’ve lengthy necks, straight legs and chiseled our bodies, medium-length tails and spherical ft. Their coats are thick, shiny and shut becoming. Nice Danes can are available in fawn, brindle, black, blue, harlequin (white with black patches),mantle and merle. Total, Nice Danes look proportioned, dignified and highly effective.


  • Massive and commanding
  • Noble and dignified
  • Lovable
  • Easygoing
  • Cussed

Ultimate Human Companion

  • Singles
  • Energetic, sporty sorts
  • Households with older kids
  • Robust folks

What They Are Prefer to Dwell With

Nice Danes mix sturdy energy with a refined dignity. Within the residence and across the yard, you’ll discover them uniquely gifted with psychological and bodily strengths. Really mild giants, Nice Danes are loving, affectionate and nice companions that like nothing higher than to hold round the home with the household.

Courageous and constant, they make nice watchdogs regardless of the truth that they don’t bark very a lot. They’ll bark, nevertheless, if an intruder enters the home, however it’s their measurement and energy that can be most intimidating.

Nice Danes are nice with kids. Some might have a agency hand—just because their measurement could be a little unwieldy round the home—however as soon as skilled they are often regular and reliable pets.

Issues You Ought to Know

When getting a Nice Dane, it’s essential to contemplate the apparent: These are monumental creatures. Whereas not notably aggressive or domineering—they’re typically fairly mellow—Nice Danes may cause harm to gardens and furnishings. Practice them from an early age, and all the time you should definitely remind them who’s in cost. This may assist modify any overly protecting or territorial tendencies. As soon as skilled, they have to be periodically reminded of the principles.

Nice Danes want common brushing and grooming. Since their measurement makes them troublesome to wash, common inspections of the ft, ears, nostril and eyes may also maintain them tidy week-to-week.

A wholesome Nice Dane can reside so long as 13 years (the typical reside round 9 years). Widespread well being points embrace: hip dysplasia, bloat and congenital coronary heart illness.

Nice Dane Historical past

In 400 A.D., Asiatic tribes with monumental, mastiff-like canines invaded Germany. Over the centuries, these canines proved their mettle and toughness by combating wild boars, bears and different massive beasts. The Nice Dane (initially known as the Deutsche Dogge), developed when these canines had been bred with different breeds like Irish Greyhounds. First displayed in Germany within the mid-1800s, the Nice Dane was popularized within the U.S. after the Nice Dane Membership of America was based in 1889.

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