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Episode #335: Startup Series – Thomas Eiden, Atomic Alchemy, “There Is A Vast Shortage Of Man Made Radioactive Materials” | Meb Faber Research

by kyngsam

Episode #335: Startup Sequence – Thomas Eiden, Atomic Alchemy, “There Is A Huge Scarcity Of Man Made Radioactive Supplies”



Visitor: Thomas Eiden is the founder and CEO of Atomic Alchemy, an organization devoted to producing radioisotopes utilized in nuclear drugs.

Date Recorded: 7/7/2021     |     Run-Time: 1:01:13

Abstract: In at present’s episode, we’re going nuclear! Thomas is endeavor the audacious purpose of constructing a nuclear reactor, one thing that takes nearly a decade and roughly 100 million {dollars}. We begin with what sparked his curiosity in nuclear vitality and what gave him the nudge to use to Y Combinator and lift seed capital with only a marketing strategy. We take a while to dispel myths round why nuclear vitality is harmful after which pivot to speak in regards to the makes use of within the medical discipline, whether or not it’s with MRI’s or making an attempt to combat most cancers.

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Hyperlinks from the Episode:

  • 2:25 – Intro
  • 3:03 – Welcome to our visitor, Tom Eiden
  • 5:16 – How Atomic Alchemy helps to resolve the unknown nuclear disaster
  • 8:06 – Understanding nuclear vitality
  • 9:38 – How startups are altering the panorama of nuclear waste
  • 11:35 – Placing our concern of nuclear energy in perspective
  • 12:23 – Tom’s TEDx Talk: Sex is More Dangerous than Nuclear Power
  • 15:41 – Why the Chernobyl catastrophe isn’t a sound argument in opposition to nuclear energy
  • 17:01 – The spark that began Tom’s curiosity in nuclear drugs
  • 19:15 – Tom’s choice to use to Y Combinator
  • 21:52 – Atomic Alchemy’s journey from preliminary funding to constructing a facility
  • 27:03 – The distinctive benefit supplied by Atomic Alchemy’s facility
  • 29:59 – The principle use case for nuclear drugs
  • 31:28 – A promising new discipline of nuclear therapeutics
  • 33:24 – Issues with the present provide of nuclear drugs
  • 36:05 – How a volcanic eruption highlighted the severity of a nuclear drugs scarcity
  • 38:59 – Planning for the time-consuming regulatory course of
  • 40:30 – Atomic Alchemy’s key milestones
  • 42:47 – Atomic Alchemy’s launch timeline
  • 43:40 – The scale of the nuclear drugs market
  • 46:21 – Industrial functions for radioactive supplies
  • 49:09 – Why Tom is hesitant to hunt authorities funding
  • 50:10 – Atomic Alchemy’s plans for future financing
  • 49:33 – Tom’s memorable experiences on the startup journey thus far
  • 54:41 – Join with Atomic Alchemy; Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook


Transcript of Episode 335:

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