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Demon Boss Souls – Demon’s Souls Wiki Guide

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Demon Boss Souls are particular Souls dropped by the ultimate bosses of every space in Demon’s Souls. These Souls could be exchanged for highly effective weapons, magic, and miracles.

Every Boss Soul can solely be obtained as soon as per playthrough, that means you will have to beat the sport a number of instances to acquire each attainable reward.

To open up the opportunity of utilizing Demon Boss Souls to make new weapons, you could first use the Flamelurker‘s Searing Demon’s Soul by giving it to Blacksmith Ed to unlock Superior Weapon Crafting. Many of those new crafting recipes would require different highly effective weapons along with the boss soul to create one thing new – however they will also be given to spellcasting NPCs to study new spells.

Under is a listing of all of the Boss Souls in Demon’s Souls. Click on on a soul to study extra info on the varied makes use of they’ll have.

Checklist of Boss Souls

Boss Soul Obtained From Potential Upgrades
Grey Demon’s Soul Vanguard Demon Dozer Axe
Lead Demon’s Soul Phalanx Scraping Spear
Iron Demon’s Soul Tower Knight Warding Spell
Silver Demon’s Soul Penetrator Gentle Weapon Spell,

Cursed Weapon Spell

False King’s Demon’s Soul Old King Allant Northern Regalia
Hard Demon’s Soul Armor Spider Lava Bow,

Hearth Spray Spell,

Ignite Spell

Searing Demon’s Soul Flamelurker Superior Weapon Crafting
Dragon Demon’s Soul Dragon God Fireball Spell,

Firestorm Spell,

God’s Wrath Spell

Doll Demon’s Soul Fool’s Idol Soul Ray Spell
Mixed Demon’s Soul Maneater Needle of Eternal Agony
Golden Demon’s Soul Old Monk Insanity Catalyst,

Homing Soul Arrow Spell,

Soul Thirst Spell,

Banish Spell

Swollen Demon’s Soul Adjudicator Meat Cleaver,

Regeneration Spell

Hero Demon’s Soul Old Hero Large Sword of Searching,

Second Probability Spell

Storm Demon’s Soul Storm King Morion Blade,

Anti-Magic Discipline Spell

Writhing Demon’s Soul Leechmonger Poison Cloud Spell,

Treatment Spell

Eroded Demon’s Soul Dirty Colossus Acid Cloud Spell
Pureblood Demon’s Soul Maiden Astraea Blueblood Sword,

Dying Cloud Spell,

Aid Spell,

Resurrection Spell

Maiden in Black’s Demon’s Soul Maiden in Black Soulsucker Spell

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