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Check Out New Dog Reality Show: Amazon Prime’s The Pack

by kyngsam


With the booming reputation of unscripted TV sequence today, it was solely a matter of time earlier than canines obtained a actuality present of their very own.

Season 1 of The Pack premieres on November 20, 2020.

Amazon Prime’s The Pack, produced by Amazon Studios, debuts on November 20th, and options two groups of 12 canines and their people competing everywhere in the world for prize cash.


Amazon Prime's The Pack

The Pack is co-hosted by Lucy the canine and her human Gold Medalist skier Lindsey Vonn. ©AmazonPrime

Gold medalist ski racer Lindsey Vonn and her canine Lucy co-host Amazon Prime’s The Pack sequence. At stake is a $500,000, which matches to the winners, and a further $250,000 for the animal charity of their selection. To win the financial prize, the groups rely upon their understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. In every locale, the human and canine duos face enjoyable and thrilling challenges, designed in live performance with a workforce of accredited veterinarians and authorized canine consultants who additionally accompany the group on their journey.

“It was my job to first be sure that all the challenges, journey plans and places on the present have been protected for the canines,” says Nick Benger, an expert canine coach and the Canine Security Workforce Coach on The Pack. “Then I got here alongside on their superb journey to make sure that every little thing was protected on the day, and that all the canines have been having enjoyable.”

A part of Nick’s job was to additionally make sure the canines weren’t experiencing stress through the competitors.

“My diploma is in canine conduct, so guaranteeing that our canines weren’t harassed was one thing I used to be personally very captivated with,” he says. “Amazon Prime Video did a incredible job of facilitating that. We have been empowered to intervene if we felt a canine was harassed, even when that meant slicing the manufacturing day quick, giving the canine a break or making an adjustment to resolve the scenario.”


Amazon Prime's The Pack

Contestant Lucy Riles and her black Labrador Retriever Duchess bonded much more strongly by the competitors. ©AmazonPrime

Through the varied challenges the contestants face, it’s obvious that the bond between the canines and their people blossoms. Contestant Lucy Riles and her 8-year-old rescue Labrador Retriever Duchess are an ideal instance. Riles by no means imagined she could be a part of a contest as a result of she’d by no means competed in something earlier than. Plus, she is a decade older than a lot of the different human contestants.

“I’m a stay-at-home mother of three elementary age kids, which has many calls for,” she says. “My consideration is usually stretched skinny like a rubber band. Having the ability to journey the world with simply me and my woman, Duchess, was such a particular and deeply bonding expertise.”

Duchess appeared to essentially take pleasure in her time on The Pack, and even found a particular expertise: pulling sleds within the snow.

Amazon Prime's The Pack

The 12 human and furry contestants travelled everywhere in the globe to compete in quite a lot of challenges that check their bond. ©LillyRolnick

“Being a Southern California canine, Duchess had by no means been in snow earlier than The Pack,” says Lucy. “She completely liked it, which made my coronary heart so joyful! All through coaching, one process Duchess actually thrived in was pulling. So the truth that one among her finest abilities coincided with one among her favourite places was really thrilling to look at! I used to be such a proud canine mama.”

Featured {photograph} ©LillyRolnick

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