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Application of social media in enterprise marketing

by kyngsam

Social media is a content production and exchange platform based on the user relationship on the basis of the Internet, and thus constitutes a closely related social network. Social media has the characteristics of flattening, diversification and no class in the dissemination of information, and the transparency of the transmitted information is high. Therefore, it has an

important role in promoting product marketing in modern society. With the development of the Internet, various social networking sites, Weibo, blogs, WeChat, etc. have risen rapidly on the Internet, providing a good content exchange platform for people to participate in online social networking and promoting the rapid development of social media. Compared with traditional media, social media has the characteristics of civilians. Anyone who is socially literate can become an independent media person and participate in the manufacture, discussion, and comment of hot topics in social life. Although social media started relatively
Late, but social media has developed rapidly. Within a few years, it has become the main force of the media. It has played an important role in corporate brand display, image promotion, product sales, brand building and competitiveness improvement. An important carrier to improve the efficiency of communication with customers. Nowadays, social media is more widely used in enterprise marketing, and the methods are more diverse, which not only has good marketing effect, but also conforms to the principle of enterprise marketing economy. Therefore, the application of social media in enterprise marketing is an important content of enterprise operation management research.

Overview of Social Media

(1) Connotation of social media

Commonly used social media are Weibo, WeChat, blogs, social networking sites, forums, podcasts, etc. Social media is the process of spontaneous contribution, extraction, creation of news information by the net name, and then dissemination. In this process, the interaction of products can be achieved through the information interaction between various social platforms. The form of communication is unorganized and random. The main body of communication is the masses of online names. Netizens often have a subjective awareness in the process of expressing their desires. The process of information dissemination has the characteristics of wide spread, many channels, and fast information diffusion.

(2) Characteristics of social media

(1) Diversified content. The content of news information disseminated in the social body includes all kinds of topics in society, providing more space for people to explore and comment on social topics. The content of dissemination, including posting information and commenting information, are all characterized by diversification.

(2) Information fragmentation. The biggest difference between social endosome and traditional media is spontaneous and unorganized, which fully reflects the media liberalization, but at the same time it also causes the characteristics of fragmentation of information content.

(3) Large number of users. All users of various social platforms can be insiders, and Weibo, WeChat, blogs, social networking sites, forums, podcasts and other platforms occupy far more users than traditional media, so they have a large number of users.

(4) Wide spread. Social media can disseminate information between any social platforms, and the entire social network can provide channels for information dissemination. With the increase of various social platforms, the scope of dissemination continues to expand, so it has the characteristics of wide dissemination.

(3) The advantages and disadvantages of social media

There are many advantages of social media, mainly including the following points: promoting the transparency of corporate information, enhancing the strength of the company’s business activities to be supervised by the public; helping companies to improve products and improve product quality based on consumer comments; for the company Creating a good customer service channel provides the foundation; the degree of liberalization of social relations is higher, providing consumers with more choices; letting people know more about large enterprises; the content of social endosomes is mainly based on user needs, becoming User-led content interaction; companies can add interesting information to increase the interest of business operations and management.
There is no perfect person or perfect thing in the world. Although social media has many advantages, it also inevitably applies disadvantages. The liberalization of social media has increased the exposure of corporate brands, and companies have become more closely monitored by the public. At the same time, the liberalization of social platform speech may bring negative impacts to companies, thereby triggering risks in certain locations. In short, social media is a double-edged sword, which brings opportunities to corporate marketing and operations management, but also brings serious market challenges.

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