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90+ Ancient History Trivia Questions And Answers

by kyngsam

Should you’re a historical past buff, you’re going to like this quiz! It would take a look at how a lot in regards to the Roman Empire and different historical civilizations. You may even be taught one thing new in regards to the previous that you just by no means knew earlier than. Right here is an historical historical past quiz that may blow your thoughts:

Historical Historical past Quiz:

What was the primary capital of historical Egypt?


What Roman Emperor was as soon as captured by pirates and held for a 12,000 gold-piece ransom?

Julius Caesar.

What had been the 2 most necessary metropolis states in historical Greece?

Athens and Sparta.

On what island did historical Greek civilization originate?


What fortification was constructed by the Romans round 122 A.D. throughout the width of Nice Britain to separate Romans from the folks to the north?

Hadrian’s Wall.

What well-known construction was constructed throughout the Outdated Kingdom in Egypt?

The Sphinx.

Which nation is legendary for its wonderful (and really outdated) terracotta military?


Who is taken into account the founding father of the Xia Dynasty in historical China?

Yu the Nice.

The Mayans had been a robust civilization within the space that’s now_____.


How most of the Seven Wonders of the Historical World nonetheless exist?


Which one of many Seven Wonders of the world nonetheless exists?

The Nice Pyramid of Giza.

In 1922, excited explorers discovered the tomb of which well-known historical ruler?


Cleopatra VII was a legendary ruler of which space?


The development of Stonehenge was begun round 2400 BC. How a lot do a few of the stones weigh?

Round 40 tons.

The Mayans had been the one historical society within the space of Latin America that completed which feat?


Historical Rome started rising within the space that’s now ____?


What was the unique function of Stonehenge, an iconic stone monument positioned in England?

Nobody is aware of.

Extra Trivia Questions:

Unsplash / Kasturi Roy

Query: The place would you discover the world-famous Colosseum?
Reply: Rome.

Query: The floor of Egypt’s historical pyramids had been lined with what?
Reply: White limestone.

Query: Which nice warrior conquered Egypt in 332 BC?
Reply: Alexander the Nice.

Query: How was the traditional Roman metropolis of Pompeii destroyed?
Reply: Volcano.

Query: Which age adopted the Bronze Age?
Reply: Iron age.

Query: Tenochtitlan was a large capital metropolis by which society?
Reply: Aztec.

Query: When did the primary documented Olympic Video games happen?
Reply: 776 B.C.

Query: Are you able to identify the modern-day nations that had been settled by the Historical Greeks in 550 B.C.?
Reply: Turkey, Spain, France, Italy, and northern Africa.

Query: Who’re the traditional individuals who invented the Seismograph?
Reply: The Chinese language.

Query: Most of Egypt is desert, so folks residing there trusted a river for water to drink and develop their crops. What’s the identify of this river?
Reply: The Nile is the world’s longest river that the traditional Egyptians would depend on.

Query: What dynasty dominated China for almost 400 years?
Reply: Han.

Query: The rise and fall of the _____ Empire is likely one of the most consequential occasions of historical historical past.
Reply: Roman.

Query: Historical Puebloans are famend for the ruins of their wonderful ______.
Reply: Cliff dwellings.

Query: Who’s credited with making the primary map of the recognized world?
Reply: Anaximander.

Query: Who colonized Tunisia in historical occasions?
Reply: Phoenicians.

Query: The God of the Parsees was known as what?
Reply: Ahura Mazda.

brown concrete building on top of mountain
Unsplash / Max van den Oetelaar

Query: Who was probably the most well-known Greek poet?
Reply: Homer.

Query: Who’s probably the most highly effective chief in Persia within the 6lh century B.C?
Reply: Cyrus.

Query: What place is named the Queen of the Mediterranean Sea?
Reply: Greece.

Query: Title a Greek metropolis state.
Reply: The names of the 5 Greek metropolis states had been Athens, Sparta, Thebes, Corinth, and Delphi.

Query: Who’s the founding father of the faith Zoroastrianism?
Reply: Zoroaster.

Query: Who first invented writing?
Reply: Sumerians.

Query: Which feminine chief of Historical Egypt had a relationship with Mark Antony?
Reply: Cleopatra.

Query: Who is a superb lyric poet who wrote poems to honor the victorious Greek athletes?
Reply: Pindar.

Query: What was one of many Inca cities which was located at a top of almost 3500 meters?
Reply: Machu Picchu.

Query: What was the identify given to the floating gardens made by the Aztecs?
Reply: Chinampas.

Query: Who’s the founding father of tragedy dramas?
Reply: Aeschylus.

Query: Who’s probably the most well-known ruler of historical Athens?
Reply: Pericles.

Query: Who’s the good Greek lady who sang on the great thing about love and nature?
Reply: Sappho.

Query: The place did the traditional Phoenicians reside?
Reply: Phoenicia.

Query: What is supposed by oligarchy?
Reply: The rule by a number of wealthy males.

Query: What historic occasion passed off in Rome in 64 A.D.?
Reply: Rome burned for six days and 7 nights.

Query: What number of years did the Peloponnesian Battle final?
Reply: 27 years.

Query: What phrase means “of the Center Ages”?
Reply: Medieval.

Query: Why do we all know so little in regards to the Indus Valley Civilization?
Reply: We can not decipher their script or written language.

Query: Which nice warrior conquered Egypt in 332 BC?
Reply: Alexander the Nice.

Query: Through which civilization did the primary Olympic video games happen?
Reply: Historical Greece.

Query: Which historical civilization invented the wheel?
Reply: Mesopotamia.

Query: The place would you discover the world-famous Colosseum?
Reply: Rome.

Query: Which of those is an early interval within the Bronze Age?
Reply: Chalcolithic.

Query: To whom is attributed the development of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
Reply: Nebuchadnezzar II.

Query: Are you able to identify the modern-day nations who had been a part of the Byzantine Empire at its peak in 555 A.D.?
Reply: Italy, Greece, and Turkey.

Query: How was the traditional Roman metropolis of Pompeii destroyed?
Reply:  By the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Query: Cleopatra VII was a legendary ruler of…
Reply: Egypt.

Query: In 1922, excited explorers discovered the tomb of which well-known historical ruler?
Reply: King Tutankhamen, AKA King Tut.

Query: How did the Roman military use tortoises?
Reply: The “tortoise” was a reputation for the best way they used their shields.

Query: Which Greek author is taken into account “the daddy of historical past” but in addition “the daddy of lies”?
Reply: Herodotus.

Query: This constructing is a temple to goddess Athena, represented within the statue Athena Parthenos. What’s the identify of this temple?
Reply: The Parthenon.

Query: What was the Meeting?
Reply: An open air assembly the place residents may vote.

Query: The place in Greece would you discover a very powerful oracle?
Reply: Delphi.

Query: This monument was in-built a big nation in Asia, to guard the nation from enemy invasions, to manage immigration, and to guard the retailers of the silk commerce. What’s its identify?
Reply: The Nice Wall of China.

Query: The traditional Egyptians had been dominated by kings who had been known as pharaohs. There was one pharaoh named Hatshepsut. What was uncommon about Hatshepsut?
Reply: Hatshepsut was a girl.

Query: The place did the Peloponnesian Battle occur?
Reply: Southern Europe.

Query: Why did the Romans put on togas?
Reply: To point out that they had been Roman residents.

two brown columns in front of ruins
Unsplash / Cristina Gottardi

Query: Gold was very invaluable in Egypt. Many issues had been product of gold. What nation was a lot of the gold mined in?
Reply: Nubia.

Query: The Greek military was very fierce, particularly the Spartans. Who paid for his or her weapons and armor?
Reply: The troopers purchased their very own.

Query: At which naval battle close to Athens had been the Persians totally defeated in 480 BC?
Reply: Salamis.

Query: Who was the primary Roman Emperor, whom we additionally discover on the calendar?
Reply:  Octavius Augustus.

Query: Most historical Egyptians drank this beverage product of grain and dates. What was it?
Reply: Beer.

Query: Why did the Greeks construct temples?
Reply: As houses for his or her gods.

Query: Why had been Roman roads straight?
Reply: As a result of it was the shortest route from one place to a different.

Query: What can we name the tales the Greeks informed about their gods and heroes?
Reply: Myths.

Query: A contemporary sports activities occasion was named after the battle in opposition to the Persians in 490 BC. What’s the identify of the battlefield and of the operating occasion?
Reply: Marathon.

Query: What did the Egyptians use to write down on?
Reply: Papyrus.

Query: The most important Greek warships had three rows of oarsmen. What had been these ships known as?
Reply: Triremes.

Query: The traditional Greeks carried out performs about their gods and heroes. What had been these performs known as?
Reply: Tragedies.

Query: Romans had their very own names for numerous areas and nations. What did they name France?
Reply: Gaul.

Query: The Greeks had a whole lot of gods. Who did they imagine was the king of the gods?
Reply: Zeus.

Query: The Greeks invented a mind-set deeply in regards to the world and the that means of life. What did they name it?
Reply: Philosophy.

Query: One of many fierce adversaries of Rome crossed the Alps with 37 elephants. Who was this common?
Reply: Hannibal.

Query: The Egyptians had a particular approach of writing that concerned footage known as hieroglyphs. For a very long time, nobody may learn this writing. Then one thing was found that allowed hieroglyphs to be translated. What was it?
Reply: The Rosetta Stone.

Query: When did Sparta conquer Athens on the conclusion of the Peloponnesian Battle?
Reply: 404 BC.

Query: What does BC or BCE imply?
Reply: Earlier than Christ/Earlier than the Widespread (or Present) Period.

Query: The place is Greece?
Reply: Europe.

Query: Who was the king who not solely united Greece but in addition conquered the archenemy Persia?
Reply: Alexander the Nice.

Query: In line with Roman historians, who was the primary King of Rome
Reply: Romulus.

Query: Full the sequence of Roman Emperors: Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, _____Who?
Reply: Nero.

Query: The Stone Age known as that due to its…
Reply: An abundance of stone instruments

Query: Which metallic is related to the top of the Stone Age?
Reply: Bronze.

Extra Quizzes:

Don’t fear, there are many extra quizzes to take! Listed below are some extra trivia questions!

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