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80+ James Bond Trivia Questions For Action Fans

by kyngsam

In case you’re a fan of the James Bond films or books, it’s best to take a look at your information of the Bond franchise. See how a lot you possibly can bear in mind and which films you must rewatch. Listed here are James Bond trivia questions and solutions for superfans. Good luck!

James Bond Trivia:

The James Bond films are based mostly on a collection of novels by what British creator?

Ian Fleming is the creator of those books.

Which feminine artist sang the track Skyfall?

Adele sang this track.

Who’s the person who impressed the title, James Bond, in response to Ian Fleming?

He was impressed by an American Ornithologist.

What secret service company does 007 work for?

He works for MI6 (Army Intelligence Part 6).

What actor made his first look as James Bond in GoldenEye?

Pierce Brosnan made his first look on this film.

What was the primary James Bond film?

Dr. No (1962) was the primary movie within the franchise.

What does the code quantity 007 seek advice from?

This quantity refers back to the breaking of the WW1 German diplomatic code.

What’s the theme track of the Bond movie The Spy Who Liked Me and who sang it?

No one Does It Higher is the title of the theme track, and it was carried out by Carly Simon.

What initials are on the coffin in the beginning of Thunderball?

J.B are the initials on the coffin.

What was the primary Bond movie NOT based mostly on a e book?

The Spy Who Liked Me was the primary movie not based mostly on a e book within the Bond collection.

What’s the title of Bond’s ancestral house?

The title of his house is Skyfall Lodge.

Extra Questions:

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Query: The place does Fiona Volpe dance her final dance?
Reply: Kiss Kiss Membership.

Query: What number of instances did Bernard Lee painting M within the official collection?
Reply: 11 instances.

Query: Who was the primary actor to play Bond who’s youthful than the Bond collection?
Reply: Daniel Craig.

Query: Who performed the Bond lady function in Sean Connery’s 1983 comeback By no means Say By no means Once more?
Reply: Maud Adams.

Query: Who hijacks Bond’s helicopter in For Your Eyes Solely?
Reply: Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Query: Which actor has performed James Bond probably the most variety of instances?
Reply: Bernard Lee.

Query: Which Bond movie was initially meant as a prequel earlier than the concept was discarded?
Reply: The Dwelling Daylights.

Query: What’s the motto of the Bond household’s coat of arms?
Reply: “Orbis Non Sufficit,” which implies, “The World Is Not Sufficient.”

Query: What physique half is Dr. No lacking?
Reply: Fingers.

Query: What’s Christmas Jones’ occupation in The World is Not Sufficient?
Reply: Nuclear physicist.

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Query: Who helps Bond on the craps desk in Diamonds Are Without end?
Reply: A lot O’Toole.

Query: What does MI6 have put in within the ground of the Russian consulate in From Russia with Love?
Reply: Periscope.

Query: What occasion does Bond monitor Dominic Greene to in Quantum of Solace?
Reply: Opera.

Query: Who carried out the theme track for Stay and Let Die?
Reply: Paul McCartney and the Wings.

Query: Who dies within the pre-credits scene of You Solely Stay Twice?
Reply: James Bond.

Query: Who’s the villain within the film, The Man with the Golden Gun?
Reply: Scaramanga.

Query: Who was the second actor to painting James Bond in a characteristic movie?
Reply: George Lazenby.

Query: How does Bond acknowledge Wint and Kidd in Diamonds Are Without end?
Reply: Aftershave.

Query: What does M accumulate?
Reply: Butterflies.

Query: Who invented the code machine, Lektor, within the film From Russia With Love?

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Query: What’s the title of the automobile Q points 007 in You Solely Stay Twice?
Reply: Little Nellie.

Query: Within the Bond movie, Stay and Let Die, who performed the Sheriff, J.W. Pepper?
Reply: Clifton James.

Query: How and when did James Bond’s dad and mom die?
Reply: In a Climbing accident when Bond was a toddler.

Query: When have been the Bond novels revealed?
Reply: Between 1953 – 1966.

Query: Bond was pushed from a airplane in mid-flight with no parachute. Which film was this from?
Reply: Moonraker.

Query: How is Bond summoned to headquarters in The Spy Who Liked Me?
Reply: Ticker-tape watch.

Query: Which Bond story was narrated from a lady’s perspective?
Reply: The Spy Who Liked Me.

Query: What’s the title of Kara Milovy’s cello in The Dwelling Daylights?
Reply: The Woman Rose.

Query: What was Scaramanga’s hideout base?
Reply: Phuket Island.

Query: What sort of automobile does James Bond drive in Moonraker?
Reply: None.

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Query: What’s Bond’s title, formally?
Reply: Commander, Royal Navy.

Query: Who was Bond’s short-term guardian after his dad and mom died?
Reply: Hannes Oberhauser.

Query: Within the opening scene of Licence to Kill, which occasion is James Bond celebrating?
Reply: Felix and Dalla’s Wedding ceremony.

Query: What alias does Bond use in Spectre?
Reply: Mickey Mouse.

Query: What’s Dr. No’s full title?
Reply: Julius No.

Query: How did Bond disguise himself to sneak onto the drug lord’s boat in Licence to Kill?
Reply: A Manta Ray.

Query: Who sang the theme track for the James Bond movie, The Man With The Golden Gun?
Reply: Lulu.

Query: What was the preliminary title of Licence to Kill?
Reply: Licence Revoked.

Query: What sort of automobile is 007 issued in Moonraker?
Reply: Venetian canal gondola.

Query: What have been the names of Bond’s dad and mom?
Reply: Andrew Bond and Monique Delacroix Bond.

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Query: Who sang the Bond Theme track in Licence to Kill?
Reply: Gladys Knight.

Query: What automobile does Bond steal in GoldenEye to pursue Ourumov by way of the streets of St. Petersburg?
Reply: A tank.

Query: What number of Bond films did John Glen direct?
Reply: 5.

Query: What’s the title of Milton Krest’s boat?
Reply: The WaveCrest.

Query: What sport does Bond play with Maximillian Largo in By no means Say By no means Once more?
Reply: Domination.

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Query: That are the 2 James Bond movies that weren’t produced by Eon Productions?
Reply: Casino Royale (1967) and By no means Say By no means Once more (1983).

Query: Who sang a couple of ‘James Bond’ theme track?
Reply: Shirley Bassey.

Query: In For Your Eyes Solely, Q goes undercover as a _______.
Reply: Priest.

Query: What was the unique title of Tomorrow By no means Dies?
Reply: Tomorrow By no means Lies.

Query: Which studio produced virtually the whole lot of the Bond movies?
Reply: PineWood Studios.

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Query: What memento does 007 carry Moneypenny in The World is Not Sufficient?
Reply: Cigar.

Query: In The Dwelling Daylights, Bond sleds down a mountain on _____.
Reply: A cello case.

Query: What character did Samantha Bond play within the Bond films GoldenEye, Tomorrow By no means Dies, and The World Is Not Sufficient?
Reply: Miss Moneypenny.

Query: What’s Q’s first title?
Reply: Algernon.

Query: Who performed Main Boothroyd within the Bond film, ‘Dr. No’?
Reply: Peter Burton.

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Query: From which rental station does Q difficulty Bond’s automobile in Tomorrow By no means Dies?
Reply: Avis rental station.

Query: For which movie did Sean Connery return?
Reply: Diamonds Are Without end.

Query: Who performed alongside Sean Connery within the film, From Russia With Love?
Reply: Daniela Bianchi as Tanya Romanov.

Query: What doesn’t Stromberg love to do in The Spy Who Liked Me?
Reply: Shake fingers.

Query: Who performed Willard Whyte in Diamonds are Without end?
Reply: Jimmy Dean.

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Query: What automobile did James Bond have within the film, Goldfinger?
Reply: Aston Martin.

Query: What does Bond title his martini in On line casino Royale?
Reply: Vesper.

Query: Which manufacturing firm produced On Her Majesty’s Secret Service?
Reply: Eon Productions.

Query: Within the Bond movie Dr. No there was a calypso model of a youngsters’s track featured within the opening credit. What was the title of the track?
Reply: Three Blind Mice.

Query: Who carried out the theme track for the James Bond movie From Russia, With Love?
Reply: Matt Monro

four reel films lying on white table
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Query: What’s Jaws’ solely line within the Bond films?
Reply: “Effectively, right here’s to us.”

Query: In Quantum of Solace, Bond insists on utilizing the next cowl: academics on sabbatical who…
Reply: Simply gained the lottery.

Query: Which actor felt the contract for the Bond movie was too demanding?
Reply: George Lazenby.

Query: What bikini-clad seashell hunter does Bond meet in Dr. No?
Reply: Honey Ryder.

Query: From when did Daniel Craig enter the 007 collection?
Reply: 2006, with the film On line casino Royale.

Query: How outdated was Roger Moore when he final performed Bond?
Reply: 57.

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Query: What James Bond movie options Christopher Walken as billionaire industrialist Max Zorin?
Reply: A View to a Kill (1985).

Query: What’s the distinctive characteristic of James Bond’s automobile in A Spy Who Liked Me?
Reply: Its quantity plate can spin round in case he’s caught by international police.

Query: Which Bond villain was identified for throwing his lethal bowler hat at his enemies?
Reply: Blofeld Oddjob Jaws.

Query: Who performed Bond in ‘On line casino Royale’?
Reply: David Niven.

Query: What’s the title of the legal group that function antagonists all through a number of James Bond movies?

Query: How does Bond take a look at his magnetic watch in Stay and Let Die?
Reply: Unzip a gown.

Extra Trivia:

There are many extra quizzes you possibly can take if you wish to take a look at your information in several areas.

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