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17 Military Personnel Talk About The Creepiest Thing They’ve Seen On Duty

by kyngsam

Redditors who’ve had army expertise talked concerning the creepiest factor they’ve seen on the job in this thread. Listed here are the spookiest solutions:

Empty boats

“US Navy photographer right here. Within the deepest elements of the ocean, you’ll typically steam previous small boats which might be empty or seemingly empty. Typically they appear to be they acquired free and nobody appeared for them. Typically they appeared disgusting like somebody lived in them till they couldn’t. Typically it’s apparent somebody remains to be in them however they haven’t moved for weeks…” — lightwolv

Laughing troopers

“There have been a number of situations of North Vietnamese troopers simply strolling straight as much as US forces in the course of fight. They’d have a look at them they usually wouldn’t even elevate their weapon or unsling it. They’d simply begin laughing on the US troopers. Then the US guys would shoot them. I positive there’s an inexpensive rationalization of why this occurred, nevertheless it’s fairly creepy that the enemy would possibly simply stroll as much as you and simply begin laughing in your face seemingly not caring whether or not you shoot them or not.” — evan466

A grave

“As a Marine, I used to have the graveyard patrol shift on the Beirut Bombing Memorial. A part of the memorial is devoted to a veteran’s cemetary. Oddly sufficient I by no means acquired freaked out being fully alone in a distant cemetery, in the course of the night time, surrounded by dense woods on all sides. It was truly sort of peaceable, to be sincere.

Nevertheless, one night time I used to be patrolling close to the perimeter fence the place a few of the oldest headstones are, once I heard the sound of a lady buzzing. I adopted the sound and seen a lightweight glowing by way of the vines and brush of a giant tree. As I approached, I may actually really feel my hair starting to carry as if there was an electrical present within the air.

I pushed apart the comb and what I noticed almost took my breath away. It was an previous, weathered gravestone with a big cross etched into the marble. Solely the cross was glowing a vibrant, vivid blue, like a neon bulb. The buzzing was additionally abruptly a lot louder and had a bizarre plurality to it, prefer it was coming from a whole bunch of voices directly.

Evidently, I freaked the fuck out. I screamed like a scared little lady and sprinted again to the car parking zone. I radioed the guard who was supposed to alleviate me and compelled him to come back early, then spent the remainder of my shift within the cab of his truck. I don’t assume he believed me, however he stayed in his truck and didn’t exit on patrol till the solar was absolutely up.

A number of days later, I labored up the nerve to return to the grave (throughout the day, after all). As I suspected, within the mild of day it was a very mundane gravestone. There was no title, solely the aforementioned cross. I ran my fingers over the stone and checked to see if perhaps there was some type of hidden mild supply or photo voltaic panel, however no, it was simply plain, strong, unremarkable stone. The buzzing was gone, too.

I ultimately returned to my regular shift, however by no means once more skilled something out of the atypical. I by no means discovered whose grave that was, both, however I discover myself desirous about it occasionally. It definitely sounds absurd once I say it out loud, and I suppose it may have been a hallucination or a trick of my drained mind, however I don’t imagine it was. I feel it was actual; a ghost or spirit of some type, however I don’t assume it was malevolent in any respect.” — Rainbow-Grimm


“We wrote it off as a few of the instructors messing with us however whereas coaching at JWTC, there was a blood curdling scream in the course of the night time. Positively appeared like a lady. The Lt in cost made us do a fast accountability test then he began radioing the coaching heart to see what the hell occurred. The instructors went out from their compound, did some checks however didn’t discover something. They mentioned it’s not the primary time they’d models on the market calling in to report the identical factor.” — BossAVery

A phantom smoker

“Is a dude vanishing spooky sufficient? I used to be on one rooftop on put up with one other marine and on the constructing subsequent to mine was a dude smoking a cigarette. I appeared to my companion to say it however once we appeared once more he was gone. The roof entry door for that constructing was very rusty and loud so there’s no approach he snuck out in these few seconds it took to get my companions consideration.” — Im-M-A-Reyes

Lights within the sky

“Not my story, so I’ll inform it as greatest I can: this occurred throughout a rotation on the Nationwide Coaching Heart someday in 2015. A battle was occurring at night time, a lightweight appeared within the sky and for ten minutes or so there was silence. This may occasionally not appear too attention-grabbing till you have a look at the numbers and statistics, you’re taking a look at large quantities of individuals and gear throughout a rotation, fixed radio chatter, car noise, folks speaking, and many others. and abruptly simply nothing… then the sunshine appeared to make a pair unusual turns, one being round 90 levels, and cut up and disappear.” — Blackjack357

Ghost troopers

“I used to be on my own within the Engine Room of a submarine on the midwatch, only a newly reported sailor looking for gear so I may show information to one of many watchstanders.

There are a variety of bays in Engine Room Decrease Degree with slim passages that go by way of the middle. I got here down one of many ladders, and I swore I noticed somebody stroll throughout the ship about fifteen toes in entrance of me. I may hear his footsteps as he walked round a nook and out of sight.

Three issues: 1. He was sporting utilities, an older, mild blue shirt and darkish navy slacks. No one had utilities anymore. They’d been phased out three years earlier. 2. There was just one different individual awake within the Engine Room that late at night time, and he was standing on the high of the ladder behind me, ready for me to come back again up with a solution to his query. 3. He wasn’t truly there.

I wrote it off as sleep deprivation, however I’ll admit it shook me for some time.

Quick ahead to 4 months later, I had gone out to sea with one other submarine of the identical kind. Whereas I used to be there, I met a sailor who had beforehand served on my ship. After a number of weeks of standing watch with him, he advised me a narrative of a sailor who had dedicated suicide whereas on watch when he served on my ship nearly a decade earlier. In Engine Room Decrease Degree. In his utilities.

I want I may have gotten an image of the look on my face. I’m positive it was the definition of disbelief.” — icesir

Extra ghosts

“A pal of mine went to Afghanistan and acquired stationed in an space that was used as a base by the Soviets. He swears that generally when he was on sentry responsibility he may hear whispers that didn’t sound like English or the native languages. He’s satisfied he heard Russian.” — TofuDeliveryBoy

Triangular UFO

“One time at an Air Drive Base within the ROK we had an influence outage at night time, all of us walked out of our hangar doorways to take a see what the issue might have been and we noticed a really, very giant triangular form passing over our hangar. It was a transparent moonless night time beforehand and once we went exterior to go searching we seen the starscape being lined then slowly uncovered. No sound related to the occasion aside from regular sounds of the situation. I’ll always remember.” — SnoGoose


“That is my dad’s story. After he was achieved in Vietnam he quickly stationed at an air pressure base in Greenland. They’d unhealthy blizzards typically there and once they got here by way of the bottom shut down and each part of the barracks would take function name. These blizzards are intense. There have been cables working between all of the buildings you connected to your individual with a carabener so if there was a sudden white out you didn’t get misplaced and die. They’d folks die actually 20 meters from shelter as a result of they acquired misplaced in unhealthy climate and froze.

He mentioned for about 5 months each time they locked down for climate they might hear horrendous screaming exterior. Everybody was accounted for so that they didn’t threat sending anybody out to analyze. They wrote it off as an animal. Nevertheless, each time this was heard, the engine room could be wrecked. Instruments in every single place, paperwork everywhere in the ground, tables and power packing containers knocked over, even one time a a number of thousand pound jet engine had been lifted from it’s work bench crane factor and smashed nearly 30 toes away.

The hangars and engine room had cameras protecting ever single potential entrance with spot lights that made them clear even in a white out. No animals, no folks, no something was ever seen coming into or leaving these buildings. Then someday it simply stopped.

Edit- OK, since I’ve lots of debate on what may have precipitated this I’ll clear some stuff up.

This was not one thing they simply shrugged at. It price some huge cash and threw a wrench in no less than one surveillance routine which precipitated lots of brass from the DOD and the CIA to breath fireplace down the bottom commander’s neck. This facility, past army perform, served as a base for lots of civilian analysis as nicely. There was a full investigation utilizing all method of scientists, engineers, and specialists. They got here up with no passable rationalization for what was taking place.

I don’t imagine within the paranormal nor did my father. That is the one spooky kind story he has from 22 years within the service. Nobody is aware of what occurred. It was very unusual in ever approach. A whole bunch of individuals wrote stories and documented this, it wasnt just a few grease monkeys scratching their heads and randomly guessing.

That mentioned, I spoke to my mother. She advised me a pair issues I missed.

After one among these events the U2 within the store had all it’s electronics turned on. Lots of the methods on this airplane have been particular constructed for this air body and this specific crew’s mission. These methods have been advanced and archaic. Only a few folks knew tips on how to function this equipment and the one ones on base that might have been two engineers and it’s crew. It wasnt a easy matter of hitting energy buttons and flipping switches from off to on.

One other time three barrels of hydraulic fluid vanished and have been by no means discovered.

They doubted the screaming noise was wind as a result of it got here briefly, irregular, bursts and winds by no means produced these sounds once more. They theorized it was a polar bear however, if it was, it’s coincidental timing was extraordinarily uncanny.

Lastly management picked up a bunch of bizarre interference and anomalous readings that, once more, had the uncanny timing of taking place solely when this was occurring. They have been by no means in a position to reproduce these errors in a managed method.” — creepyredditloaner

“This by no means occurred”

“Was F22 Avionics for the USAF (2A3x2) no shred, at an undisclosed base, a lightweight appeared above the flightline transferring in odd methods and hovering. We referred to as it in to our #1 and he referred to as different AMUs to make sure there have been no sorties being flown that we didn’t find out about. Shortly after F22s and 16s have been scrambled and couldn’t intercept the article. It disappeared into the night time. We noticed this go down from our flightline. Shortly after, we have been knowledgeable that this by no means occurred.” — phdaemon

Piano notes

“Navy. After I was in groton CT, for primary enlisted submarine college. I used to be roving the barracks at night time. I had a UI(beneath instruction), so I used to be displaying him the ropes. What to test and and tips on how to test. It was primarily fireplace extinguishers and secured doorways. Effectively on the second or third ground of the barracks there’s a recreation room with a TV and chairs and a piano. Thoughts you everybody was asleep and it was 0200 within the morning. Effectively I made a decision to go and see if I remembered tips on how to play the piano a little bit. We determined to proceed to complete the patrol so we began strolling down the corridor once we heard a single piano observe go off. We each heard it whereas I used to be in mid dialog so we sort of appeared again, and than we each checked out one another to see if we each had heard the identical noise. We shrugged it off as our imaginations working wild. However as quickly as we acquired to the top of the corridor and opened the door to the stairway a pointy key observe was heard coming from down the corridor within the route of the room with the piano. We left the ground as quickly as potential and later shared the story with some shipamates they usually advised us story’s of sailors that had died within the barracks.” — compaq2598

Submarine ghosts

“Submariner right here. There are few issues as unnerving as questioning concerning the engine room from 2330-0530 alone on watch. When the boat is essentially shutdown in port it turns into a really quiet place. The roving watches normally make it an hourly sport to hurry by way of their log rounds, particularly within the decrease ranges. One specific in port interval, the boat was moored in Pearl Harbor and some folks began complaining about an actual uneasy feeling. I used to be on the mid-watch because the web optimization on night and a Senior Chief got here again to do his required 0300 tour. We noticed him stroll previous maneuvering on his method to shaft-alley. This specific Senior Chief was the crusty previous salt kind, and would normally spend a little bit of time simply sitting within the decrease ranges of the engine room alone and ponder life, so we anticipated as a lot. What we didn’t anticipate was him to actually run into the maneuvering space a couple of minutes later. The person was pale confronted, and respiratory closely. We sat up straight, our eyes as large as his considering we have been about to must announce and combat some ship casualty. He slumps into the EDO chair. A number of tense, and silent, moments go by. We’re on pins and needles. He lastly opens his mouth and tells us concerning the “fucking ghost in shaft-alley.” Swears a sailor passes by him as he’s sitting on a trash can in shaft alley. His first response was to name out to the man, see who it was. However then he realized this man isn’t dressed proper. He describes what this man was sporting, the previous WWII naval uniforms. So he shortly will get as much as catch as much as the man, and he does. Catches as much as him all the way in which aft. The man turns in the direction of the Senior Chief. Seems to be proper at him. Then turns away and actually walks by way of ass finish of the boat. It’s now that the Senior Chief decides it’s time to go away shaft-alley, and promptly does so. Swears up and down that he is aware of what he noticed. I positive as hell wasn’t about to go away maneuvering that night time to seek out out for myself.” — Driftwolf


“Certainly one of my drill sergeants truly has a creepy story from one among his Afghanistan deployments. He was infantry so being within the discipline and out of missions for a number of weeks wasn’t unusual. One night time whereas sleeping in a combating place he dug, he felt one thing nibbling at his toes. He wakened and kicked it off and what he noticed wasn’t any kind of marsupial however a little bit humanoid determine he may solely describe as wanting similar to Gollum. However being within the discipline with little sleep he chalked it as much as simply seeing issues. A pair days later he and one other man and on watch and the opposite man identified one thing and mentioned “what the fuck is that” and pointed at a stone wall within the distance. My drill sergeant appeared by way of this binoculars and crawling throughout the highest of this stone wall was the precise little humanoid creature he encountered a number of nights earlier than.” — dee_swoozie

Cemetery ghost

“I labored in Arlington Nationwide Cemetery whereas I used to be within the military. The Tomb Guards at all times talked about seeing or simply listening to troopers marching some nights. We have been cataloging graves one night time once I thought I noticed a soldier in my group up forward, so I referred to as him over. He answered from behind me. After I appeared again, the opposite soldier was gone. I’m a skeptic and I imagine every part “paranormal” has an actual world rationalization, however I’m nonetheless attempting to determine that one out.” — chrisberman410

St. Elmo’s Fireplace

“Noticed a ghost and a few creepy shit occur once we have been eradicating the previous Fresnel lens from the Presque Isle Mild in Michigan. Additionally, seen some bizarre creepy lights and St. Elmo’s fireplace close to the previous Waugoshance Mild. Compasses and radios all stop, radar and GPS wouldn’t work both. The sunshine close to Sturgeon Bay is haunted as nicely, and we stayed on the mild close to Two Rivers, and the entire household noticed the ghost.

There are a number of lights within the Nice Lakes which might be open to Lively, Reserve, and Retired army members as trip leases. We stayed at Rawley Level Lighthouse and the Sherwood Level Lighthouse. They’ve guests logs which might be like a diary, and a number of tales are in there concerning the hauntings, courting again to the 70s. I KNOW that Sherwood Level is haunted…..” — derpsalot1984

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