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The Age Old Debate: 35mm Full Frame Versus Medium Format Film

by kyngsam

What photographer hasn’t thought of stepping into medium format pictures? This comparability offers some helpful side-by-side work so that you can make your individual comparisons. 

On this video, Film Supply Club does a pleasant comparability of a 35mm digital camera (the notorious Canon AE-1) and a 645 digital camera (the quintessential movie digital camera for marriage ceremony photographers). For photographers who haven’t shot medium format, the attraction is fairly robust. Whereas the lenses are usually slower, the depth of discipline is usually extra nice with some lenses, providing a full body equal of f/1.2-1.four most aperture. Additional, with the larger negatives of medium format, grain would not disappear however is usually thought of extra pleasing. With that stated, medium format cameras, notably 67 cameras, are significantly bigger and heavier. 

It needs to be famous that this comparability, whereas useful, is just not the tip all, be all comparability — that may be unimaginable. As I am certain you realize, the lens selection makes an enormous distinction within the sharpness and depth of discipline. As well as, as famous in a previous article about movie cameras, there are a number of codecs that match below the “medium format” umbrella — the 645 being the smallest format. Including to the combo, the bigger the format, the lenses are usually slower and there is a bigger disparity between the focal size and the complete body equal. 

On the finish of the day, deciding on the digital camera that is best for you is hardly as straightforward as a this or that comparability; nevertheless, this video gives an important introduction to evaluating medium format and 35mm pictures. Do you shoot medium format in addition to 35mm? What are your ideas?

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