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Every Flashback Tape Location in Crash 4 – Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Wiki Guide

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Flashback Tapes are solely discovered within the regular Crash/Coco-only ranges of the sport; they will not be within the Timeline Ranges. You should not die earlier than touching a Flashback tape; in the event you do, they’re going to be intangible and you will not have the ability to acquire them. Fortunately, you do get to maintain them in the event you die after amassing them.

Whereas Flashback Tapes do seem within the N.Verted variations of regular ranges, that is solely as a result of that is the traditional stage with a filter on it.

Attain the tip of the extent with a Flashback Tape, and you may unlock one of many Flashback Levels! These are unlocked sequentially primarily based on what number of Tapes you may have, moderately than unlocking a selected one with a selected Tape.

Crash Compactor Flashback Tape Location

Indisputably the best Flashback Tape to seek out, Crash Compactor‘s tape is situated proper at first of the extent, and is even identified by its introduction digicam!

Hit the Road Flashback Tape Location


Hit the Road‘s Flashback Tape is discovered on the appropriate of the metallic trench, simply earlier than Checkpoint three and the Bonus Spherical platform.

Booty Calls Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback Tape for this stage is discovered within the cave part after Checkpoint 2. From it, make your means inside, go across the nook and previous the Skulldugging Seahorses, and you may see it on the left, simply earlier than the grind rail rope that takes you out of the cave.

Jetboard Jetty Flashback Tape Location

Jetboard Jett’s Flashback tape is discovered on the finish of the primary Jetboard part, on the appropriate of the pier the place the Jetboard docks.

Give It a Spin Flashback Tape Location

Discovered pretty early on, the Flashback tape for this stage is discovered on the wood walkway, simply after the Hidden Gem and simply earlier than the primary lilypad part.

Draggin’ On Flashback Tape Location

This stage’s Flashback Tape is discovered on the ramp behind the primary three Stone Guardian lions it’s important to face.

Off-Balance Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback Tape in Off-Balance is situated shortly after selecting up ‘Akano for the primary time. You will glide proper to a ledge, then ahead to a rickety platform guarded by a flamethrower, then glide proper to a sturdier platform that can also be guarded by a flamethrower. The tape shall be right here!

Off Beat Flashback Tape Location

Off Beat‘s Flashback Tape may be discovered fairly early on. After you attain Checkpoint 2 on the finish of the primary side-scrolling part, you will spot an Arrow Field behind a dumpster, with the Tape subsequent to it.

Run it Bayou Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback tape in Run it Bayou may be discovered within the part in direction of the tip the place you trip atop the Dingo’s Diner meals boat. Within the second-to-last impediment shall be two TNT Bins on high of one another: you will have to bounce excessive off the highest one in an effort to attain the tape above them.

Snow Way Out Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback Tape in Snow Way Out is situated shortly after Checkpoint 4, simply throughout the primary ice platforms within the stage floating within the water.

Keep Frosty Flashback Tape Location

Keep Frosty’s Flashback Tape may be discovered within the remaining side-scrolling part of the extent. After you employ Kupuna-Wa to cross over some ice platforms within the river whereas slipping previous some falling icicles, the Tape shall be on the opposite aspect on the backside of the steps.

Bears Repeating Flashback Tape Location

This Flashback Tape is discovered within the Cortex chase Polar trip that ends the extent. It will be off the massive leap on the finish of the ice tunnel the place it’s important to dodge some snowboarding scientists, a bit to the appropriate.

Eggipus Dimension Flashback Tape Areas

Blast to the Previous Flashback Tape Location

Blast to the Previous’s Flashback tape is discovered within the side-scrolling lava part simply after the primary vine grind. You will discover it after Sliding underneath a rock formation and up a ledge.

Dino Dash Flashback Tape Location

Dino Dash‘s Flashback Tape may be discovered shortly after the sixth Checkpoint. It will be simply after the Aku Aku Crate and previous the burning tree you slide underneath.

Bermugula’s Orbit Flashback Tape Areas

Out for Launch Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback Tape in Out for Launch may be discovered after the second grind rail part of the extent, guarded by a Gasmoxian Scorcher.

Stowing Away Flashback Tape Location

Stowing Away’s Flashback Tape is discovered after coming into the cockpit of the spaceship and taking the elevator down. Forward is a protracted pink hole that you’re going to have to Darkish Glide throughout with ‘Akano; the Tape shall be in the midst of this hole on the ceiling.

Crash Landed Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback Tape in Crash Landed may be situated on the finish of the second tunnel you employ Ika-Ika in, which can also be the place the beginning of the final side-scrolling part that results in the final Shnurgle Child-riding portion.

The Sn@xx Dimension Flashback Tape Areas

Meals Run Flashback Tape Location

Meals Run’s Flashback Tape is in a really troublesome spot: it is above a sequence of bins in the midst of the second meals truck wall operating part that it’s important to do upside-down. Yeah. One of the simplest ways to strategy that is to attend on the under-side of an higher automobile, then drop down as you move over the Tape.

Cortex Island Flashback Tape Areas

Nitro Processing Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback Tape in Nitro Processing is near the tip of the extent. You will discover it within the Kupuna-Wa part, the place you will go up a watery slope guarded by the inexperienced RadBlobs.

Poisonous Tunnels Flashback Tape Location

Poisonous Tunnel’s Flashback Tape can also be close to the tip of the extent. Whilst you’re exterior and crossing over the lava, you will go alongside a walkway with TNT Bins guarded by some shock diodes, On the left shall be a Bounce Field hovering within the air, with the Flashback Tape above it.

Cortex Fortress Flashback Tape Location

The ultimate Flashback Tape within the sport is discovered on the very finish of Cortex Fortress, within the second-to-last impediment of the loopy laser gauntlet. It will be on the remaining use of Kupuna-Wa so you possibly can safely Slide by some Nitro Bins. Should you make it this far with out dying, it is virtually not possible to not acquire.

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