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Die Maschine Zombies Easter Egg Walkthrough – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Wiki Guide

by kyngsam

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The best way to Activate the Energy

First issues first, earlier than you go acquiring any of the D.I.E. Marvel Weapons you will need to activate the facility. To take action, search for the crafting desk that may be discovered up towards the close by constructing. Excellent of this desk, you’ll find a inexperienced door – utilizing 500 factors, open the door.

Now that you simply’re inside, search for the staircase that results in the second flooring – this shall be marked with a vibrant purple arrow that factors in the direction of the ground above. You have to to clear the particles blocking the staircase for 750 factors as a way to proceed.

On the high of the staircase, flip left and make your manner in the direction of the top of the “Bed room”. On the very finish, you’ll find a blocked doorway subsequent to the big purple arrow on the wall, simply throughout from the Stamin-Up Perk Machine. Clear the doorway for 1,000 factors and proceed to the Crash Web site.

Comply with the Crash Web site to the alternative finish – you will cross the Jugger-Nog Perk Machine alongside the way in which – and you’ll find one more blocked path marked by a big purple cross, that results in an underground tunnel. Clear the trail for 1,250 factors.

Head contained in the Tunnel and switch left the place you’ll find a set of newly opened doorways that result in the Facility. Enter the Facility and proceed following the trail down till you attain a set of doorways within the Management Room. You will need to choose the door in your left that results in the Medical Bay – this can value you 1,500 factors.

With the Medical Bay now unlocked, head inside and search for the following door. This door will lead you to the Particle Accelerator room and can set you again 1,500 factors.

As soon as contained in the Particle Accelerator room, use the Energy icon to navigate the realm, as you will have one closing door to unlock. Costing 1,750 factors, open the door and work together with the Crimson Energy button to activate the facility.


The best way to Pack-A-Punch

Now that the facility is turned on, it is time to unlock the Pack-A-Punch. To take action, search for the 2 Terminal manner factors that are actually exhibiting within the Particle Accelerator room. You can find each Terminal’s in the identical room, adjoining to one another. Make your method to every Terminal and activate the Hydro-Power Infusions.Now that you’ve infused each Terminal’s, an anomaly will start to seem in the midst of the room. Go downstairs and enter the anomaly as a way to be teleported to the Darkish Aether.

As soon as contained in the alternate dimension, make your method to the floor as you head in the direction of the way in which level within the Crash Web site space. Alongside the way in which you will have to clear some particles that is blocking the exit of the Tunnel for 1,250 factors.

After exiting the Tunnel, head in the direction of the Aether Tunnel manner level that may be discovered within the Crash Web site space. Attempt not too take too lengthy reaching these manner factors, as your time within the Aether is proscribed.

As you attain the Aether Tunnel, enter it for 500 factors and you may be teleported to a locked room. On this room, you’ll find the lacking Machine Half within the nook that’s wanted to repair the Pack-A-Punch Machine.

With the Machine Half in hand, make your manner again to the Particle Accelerator and forge the machine with the lacking half. Now that the Machine has been solid, you may be teleported out of the Darkish Aether and have full entry to the Pack-A-Punch Machine.The Pack-A-Punch Machine will now provide the choice to improve your weapon to 3 totally different tier ranges that improve your weapons harm and improve their attributes. To Pack your weapon you will have the next factors:

  • Tier: 5,000 factors
  • Tier 2: 15,000 factors
  • Tier 3: 30,000 factors.

Together with the Pack Weapon upgrades, additionally, you will have the choice for Ammo Mods. Ammo Mods will enable bullet’ to deal electrical harm, together with an opportunity to stun enemies.

Earlier than you possibly can acquire the DIE Shockwave Marvel Weapon, you will have to firstly Turn on the Power and restore the Pack-A-Punch Machine.

Ought to you will have accomplished each of those duties, a Megaton enemy will spawn. With the flexibility to separate into two, kill the 2 halves of the Megaton as a way to obtain a golden keycard. Now that you’ve obtained the Keycard, head to the Weapons Lab which may be discovered throughout the Facility constructing.

On the wall reverse the Thriller Field, you’ll find a pc. Utilizing your keycard on the pc, choose up the D.I.E. Distant Management that spawns.With the D.I.E. collected, return to the Nacht Der Undertoten constructing which may be discovered at the beginning of the map. When you attain the constructing, head inside and search for the Dwelling Room on the primary flooring.Having reached the Dwelling Room, search for the small cracked wall that may be discovered simply reverse the close by staircase. By interacting with the glowing blue gap, you’ll activate the D.I.E. Machine contained in the small locked room.With the machine activated, kill roughly 30 Zombies in entrance of the machine. Every profitable kill will present the Zombies soul leaving its physique as its sucked into the machine. It is price noting that not all Zombies shall be killed by the machine, so maintain that in thoughts when coping with giant clusters.After you have killed sufficient Zombies, discharge the gadget and watch because the door to the room is blown off. Contained in the room, you’ll find a corpse holding the D.I.E. Shockwave – choose it up!

The best way to Get the Aethescope

Having obtained your D.I.E. Shockwave, it is now time to get the Aether Scope. To take action, head to the Darkish Aether and accumulate the three required elements which might be wanted to construct the Aetherscope. You will discover the three required elements within the following places:

  • The Crash – This half may be discovered on high of the crashed airplane.
  • The Yard – Beneath the staircase that is discovered exterior the Nacht Der Untoten constructing.
  • Particle Accelerator – Behind the Quick Journey Level.

With the three elements collected, make your method to the closest crafting bench as a way to construct the Aetherscope.

Step One: Accumulate Physician Vogel’s Diary and Communicate with the Three Anomalies

To finish step one of the Easter Egg, begin by making your manner again to the Darkish Aether. When you arrive, head to the Medical Bay the place you’ll find Physician Vogel’s Diary on high of the desk with the previous pc.

Upon selecting up the Diary, three Spectral Anomalies (or ghosts) will spawn across the Aether. You have to to work together with the three Anomalies – which seem like small blue orbs – and may be discovered within the following places:

  • Medical Bay: You can find the Anomaly on the bottom flooring of the Medical Bay, instantly beneath the workplace by which you discovered the diary.
  • Management Room: You can find the Anomaly contained in the Management Room, in the direction of your proper as you enter the room from the Facility.
  • Particle Accelerator: Lastly, you’ll find the final Anomaly subsequent to the Workbench within the Particle Accelerator room.

Having spoken to all three Anomalies, depart the Darkish Aether and return to the pc within the Medical Bay. Work together with the pc and enter the password to reactivate the big gadget.

Earlier than we are able to transfer onto step three, it will be significant that we improve our Marvel Weapon to the 4 totally different variants which might be out there. To take action, take a look at the guides under.

The best way to Unlock the D.I.E. Cryo-Emitter (Ice) Marvel Weapon

To unlock the D.I.E. Cyro-Emitter Marvel Marvel you will have to move to the Penthouse, which may be discovered on the high of the Nacht Der Untoten constructing.

On the high, look over the sting of the constructing close to the inexperienced tarp and you’ll find a field simply in the direction of the left. Shoot this field and choose up the Flask that’s dropped to the Pond space under. After you have collected the Flask, search for the close by tree that’s coated in fungus.

You have to to lure a Megaton zombie to this space and have it blast the fungus coated tree with its radio-active assault. Having finished so, work together with the fungus and place the flask beneath it.

As soon as the flask has been crammed, choose it up and make your method to the Medical Bay within the Facility.

Upon arriving within the Medical Bay, you’ll find a a small boxed coated in chains, not too removed from the Particle Accelerator door.

Utilizing your flask, work together with the field and have the flask take away the chains. When opening the field, you may be rewarded with the D.I.E. Cryo-Emitter.

The best way to Unlock the D.I.E. Nova 5 (Poisonous) Marvel Weapon

To unlock the D.I.E. Nova 5 Marvel Weapon, make your method to the Mezzanine room which may be discovered on the highest flooring of the Nacht Der Untoten constructing. When you attain the highest, you’ll find a small golden canister sitting on a desk inside a small room in the direction of the top of the constructing.

Unable to achieve the canister by foot, use the D.I.E. Marvel Weapon’s suction capability to drag the canister in the direction of you. Now that you’ve the canister, head to the Weapons Lab within the Facility and insert it into the into white machine that may be discovered good of the big blueprint that is hanging on the wall.

Upon inserting the canister, kill the Plaguehound that spawns close to the machine. With the canister now contaminated, choose it up and head in the direction of the Crash Web site.

Close to the crashed planed, you’ll find a small field – work together with it after which melee it. You’ll now be capable to choose up the D.I.E Nova 5 from the field.

The best way to Unlock the D.I.E. Electrobolt (Lightning) Marvel Weapon

After you have obtained the D.I.E Shockwave, make your manner again to the Darkish Aether Portal that may be discovered on the bottom flooring of the Particle Accelerator room, just below the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Upon coming into the Darkish Aether, you may be required to gather a complete of three vitality crystals. These crystals may be discovered within the following places and may be collected in any order.

  • Crash Web site:
    • You can find the vitality crystal on the bottom close to the doorway to the Tunnel, not too removed from the Perk Machine.
  • Nacht Der Untoten:
    • You can find this vitality crystal on the roof of the Nacht Der Untoten, simply above the Stamina-Up Machine.
  • Pond:
    • The ultimate vitality crystal may be discovered close to the thriller field, not too removed from the trail that results in the Facility Tunnel.

It is essential to notice which you could solely accumulate one crystal at a time, that means that you’ll want to make three separate journeys for the crystals.

After selecting up every crystal, return to the Particle Accelerator room and shoot the crystal into the field that may be discovered on the primary flooring of the room. Upon repeating this step for the third crystal, you’ll obtain the D.I.E. Electrobolt variant of the Marvel Weapon.

The best way to Unlock the D.I.E. Thermophasic (Hearth) Marvel Weapon

To acquire the Thermophasic Marvel Weapon, head to the Pond and enter by way of the Darkish Aether portal.

Upon reaching the Darkish Aether, make your method to the Crash Web site, the place you’ll find a small field beneath the floating airplane.

Primarily based on a time restrict, you will have to finish the next steps as shortly as doable.

To start out, melee the small field to obtain a Fuse. With the Fuse in hand, make your method to the Weapons Labs within the Facility and place the Fuse within the Plasma Cutter that is throughout from the Perk Machine.

Return to the conventional world and make your manner again to the Pond. Right here, search for the previous truck and you’ll find the D.I.E. Thermophasic weapon when interacting with the inexperienced field that may be discovered sitting on the truck’s mattress.

Step Two: Elevate the Cylinders

With the big tube-like gadget now activated and glowing purple, use all 4 of our Marvel Weapon variants to shoot the 4 giant cylinders arms which might be hanging from the gadget. You’ll know if the shot has been profitable because the cylinders will start to stand up.

As soon as all 4 cylinders has been risen, it is time to transfer on to the following step.

Step Three: Decontamination Agent

Now that the big cylinder-like gadget has been activated by the Marvel Weapons, use the portal discovered close to the Medical Bay and Particle Accelerator to enter the Darkish Aether.

As soon as contained in the Darkish Aether, head to the balcony upstairs on the highest flooring and converse with the Anomaly. Having learnt that two troopers had stolen some gadgets, head again to the conventional world and accumulate the Darkish Aether Wrench from the Medical Bay.

Subsequent, make your method to the Yard and search for the previous ruined tank. Utilizing your Darkish Aether Wrench, work together with the 4 damaged areas of the tank as a way to restore it.

After interacting with the Tank, a Zombie will attempt to make its manner out of the hatch within the tank – kill it. Subsequent, head to the close by crafting desk and created a Semtex or Frag Grenade.

With the Semtex / Frag Grenade created, throw or stick it to the hatch and watch because the tank fires a shot at a tree within the Crash Web site space. Head to the Crash Web site and search for the destroyed tree.

Not too removed from the tree, you’ll find the Decontamination Agent close to the Perk Machine.

With the Decontamination Agent in hand, make your method to the Medical Bay the place you discovered the Darkish Aether Wrench and place the Decontamination Agent into the glowing purple slot.

Now that the Decontamination Agent is in place, await a Megaton zombie to spawn, the place you will need to deal sufficient harm to separate the Megaton into two zombies. Lure the 2 zombies beneath the Decontamination Agent and watch because it will get sucked into the gadget.

After being sucked inside, make your method to the pc within the Medical Bay and work together with the pc. This can set off a lockdown to happen, leading to a number of waves of Megaton zombies and Plaguehounds – defeat them as a way to attain the ultimate step. It would be best to attain the floor space as shortly as doable, as this provides you with your finest probability at survival.

WARNING: Earlier than you proceed on, it would be best to put together for the ultimate boss battle – so make sure to refill on all of your provides and finalize any weapons that you simply need to take with it.

With the waves of Zombies taken care of, make your method to the Dwelling Room within the Nacht Der Untoten constructing and enter the Darkish Ether portal.

As soon as inside, enter the Omega Outpost and converse with Orlov who may be discovered within the nook. After talking with Orlov, work together with the {photograph} he left behind as a way to set off the ultimate boss combat.

Step 4: The Remaining Boss Combat

Whereas the ultimate boss combat is fairly easy, it does occur to be very troublesome as it is easy to get overwhelmed by the quantity of zombies within the space.

To finish the Die Maschine Easter Egg, merely shield Orlov from three difficult waves of Zombies. Throughout these waves, it would be best to make sure that Orlov doesn’t get hit, as this can decelerate the method of shutting down the Particle Accelerator. Additionally, you will need to make the most of your Marvel Weapons throughout these waves, because the weapons will dramatically improve your possibilities of surviving the onslaught of Zombies.

After you have efficiently shutdown the Particle Accelerator, make your manner again to the Pond – however make sure to keep away from the lightning strikes alongside the way in which, as they will deal vital quantities of harm must you get hit.

When you attain the Pond, work together with the helicopter and you’ll have accomplished the Easter Egg.

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